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  1. A

    2-way traffic additional layout for "Bannochbrae" and barriers remove 2021-06-02

    One more good set of public roads. They felt quite empty and I filled them with movement for offline driving. And when that is not enough an off-road on the hills is another possibility. Install and use: make sure your copy of "Bannochbrae" is working ok before adding this resource. Then open...
  2. wmialil

    La Cabanette - Col de Braus // WRC Rally Monte Carlo 1.0

    Full version >>>>>>>> // AVAILABLE HERE // Full version includes: longer track 16 pits uphill and downhill layouts official advertising / branding Made from scratch in Blender, this project was started in late 2019, but I only really got going with it in December last year. Full...
  3. JackGeeza

    Greentrees Industrial [UK STREET RACING] 0.1

    The Greentrees Industrial Estate (based on a real location) was a street racing hotspot in the 1990s. It's simple, but fast layout was perfect for UK 90s car culture. From small, front wheel drive hatchbacks to high horse power saloons, this street racing circuit has something for every type of...
  4. A

    Freeroam layout for "Red Bull Ring" 2020-01-14

    As if to celebrate Ilja`s new grass I went to test the latest patch on Red Bull Ring. And got completely carried away by the layout of the track`s surroundings. Here you can try to navigate the well made 3D maze that is the freeroam layout of the Kunos track. Looking from the cockpit of F1...