1. HardDoMSC

    ACFL Formula E McLaren Arrow 2nd car 1.0

    McLaren is coming to FIA Formula E championship season 9. Beacuse of that, I decide to made my self a prototype paint scheme for it. The tires are already the Hankook tires, and the driver is Daniel Ricciardo.
  2. T

    Any sim racers from Canada?

    I’m from Totonto and is there anyone from Canada?
  3. aidf1her1

    Jaguar TCS Racing F1 Team | RSS Formula Hydrid X Evo 1.0

    My first livery based off of an already existing racing team is here! Jaguar TCS Racing is a team competing in Formula E, however I wanted to make a livery to see what it'd be like if Jag returned to the pinnacle of motorsport. The colour scheme is completely inspired by their Formula E scheme...
  4. FelixR1991

    TAG Heuer Porsche 99X E Formula E 2.0

    V2.0 - Season 8 Release See the update tab or the full article for more details on the update. This updated resource is now a pack, containing: V2.0 - Season 8 (2021/2022 livery) V1.0 - Season 7 (2020/2021 livery) Click the links above to read the respective full articles, incl. screenshots...
  5. Nowyy

    S397 Formula E Gen2 Hyundai E-Motorsport 1.2

    Version 1.2 update : The skins are now also available for the 2019 and the 2020 version of the car. Version 1.1 update : Updated the 2021 version of the skin for the new version of the Formula E Gen2. Hyundai E-Motorsport fictional livery. Made for the S397 Formula E Gen2 available in the...
  6. Twiggy5471

    Formula E Championship 1

    Threw together a Formula E championship using the VRC Formula Lithium and most of the ePrix tracks on Racedepartment. To install you put them in the Documents/Assetto Corsa/champs folder It does require a paid mod. Sorry but I can't provide a good list of where to find certain mods so...
  7. erenschumacher

    Sanya E-Prix V1

    Hello everyone, This is the first real life circuit that i have made.I made it with using Bobs Track Builder and 3dsimed. AI line is fine. Multiplayer should be fine. I took lots of objects from other circuits and used some xpacks which other people shared. I dont know how to convert circuit...
  8. shin956

    Swiss ePrix (Bern Street Circuit) 1.1

    Swiss ePrix (Bern Street Circuit) convert from rfactor. CSP required Delete the previous version Delete the swiss_eprix.ini located in assettocorsa\extension\config\tracks\loaded. (If you have v0.8 installed) Manual installation recommended as it contains the camtool file - 24 pit/start - AI -...
  9. shin956

    New York City ePrix (Brooklyn Street Circuit) 1.0

    New York City ePrix (Brooklyn Street Circuit) convert from rfactor. CSP required Delete the previous version Delete the newyork_eprix.ini located in assettocorsa\extension\config\tracks. - 22 pit/start - AI - VAO - Replay cam - Camtool Replay (_option_camtool folder) Known issues : Better AI...
  10. shin956

    Rome ePrix (Circuto Cittadino dell'EUR) 1.0

    Rome ePrix (Circuto Cittadino dell'EUR) convert from rfactor. CSP required Delete the previous version Delete the rome_eprix.ini located in assettocorsa\extension\config\tracks. - 24 pit/start - AI - VAO - Replay cam - Camtool Replay(_option_camtool folder) Known issues : Better AI line...
  11. ItzzAdr14n

    Formula E Mod 1.0

    Hello everyone! About two-three months ago I had started working on this mod. However, F1 2019 was announced and I wasn't sure if I would finish it. I didn't. I only got around to doing the cars and caps. If people like this, I'll do the suits and the rest of the stuff. I had no intention of...
  12. Paul Ad

    London e-Prix TVcam 2018-11-04

    new TV cams for London e-prix
  13. Paul Ad

    Paris e-Prix TVcam 2018-11-04

    new TV cams for Paris e-prix
  14. erosshd

    Formula E 2018 - Renault 2017 livery 1.0

    Hi guys, I just made the Formula E 2017 Renault livery for the Formula E 2018 DLC. Renault #9: To install simply drag the "Userdata" file from the winrar to your Rfactor2 Folder. If you find any type of fault just tell me =D If you liked my work you can donate me to buy a monster and make...
  15. WeeSin

    Sebastien Buemi Formula E Helmet 1.2

    Can you imagine Sebastien Buemi is being called back by Red Bull to fill up the seat at either Red Bull or Toro Rosso? I did a helmet mod from his Formula E design and made it into the game. Its not 100% perfect if you don't like what you see don't use it. Appreciate if you could give it a...