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Rome ePrix (Circuto Cittadino dell'EUR) 1.0

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Rome ePrix (Circuto Cittadino dell'EUR) convert from rfactor.

CSP required
Delete the previous version
Delete the rome_eprix.ini
located in assettocorsa\extension\config\tracks.

- 24 pit/start
- AI
- Replay cam
- Camtool Replay(_option_camtool folder)

Known issues : Better AI line (needs help) , There is no lid on the side of the curb

*Obtained permission to convert*

- Original mod by LFT Rfactor Tracks
- Track Convert by shin956
- Camtool Replay by @ckkjw398 (牛乳やさん)


Latest updates

  1. 1.0

    Changelog: -fix tree shade -brightened the overall shader -add RainFX -new VAO patch -removed...

Latest reviews

I wanted to give a good rating for this, but the AI is terrible, VRC Formula Lithium 2023 nearly all the AI crash into walls every corner! massive traffic jam at first corner everytime and it feels oddly scaled.
Nice dude. You're getting better with every one. AI is brake checking a little bit............
Quality is okay but the track scale is very inaccurate if you compare the real-life onboard video. Since it's the problem of the original rfactor track it's not your mistake but difficult to adjust at the same time
super fun!
it can tbe loaded any idea?
This is great work. Please keep this up we need more Formula E tracks in AC.
Was looking forward to this! ^^ Great job on the conversion!
Spettacolare...Se possibile cerate altre piste Per le Formula E
A very diffcult track and thers a loot of fun.
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