1. Full Pace Sim Racing

    Hidden Flags for Assetto Corsa 1.0

    this mod replaces the ingame flags with transparent images, so they become invisible. this is of course only useful if you have other overlays, sim flags, dashboard, etc that show you the current flags and you want a little bit better immersion.
  2. Stone.lab

    Yellow flags in replays

    Hey guys, is it possible with an app or smthg to show the flags in a replay? I use tracks where digital flags are around the track and even marshalls waving flags. But when sb crashes and i want to see the replay the panels are green not yellow as they are supposed to be. They only show a...
  3. Bitto69

    My_Flag_Skin 0.6

    don't kill me it was just for fun:) if you like them, download and copy inside the skin folder of "urd_darche_egt_2021" skin: Argentina-Brazil-Canada-England-Spain-Europe-Germany-Jamaica-Ice-Italy-Jappone-General Lee-Leopard-Start-Usa-War good fun bitto69
  4. Thoma.H

    Lumirank Driver Info Display - Simhub - ACC V2.0

    Lumirank Driver Info Display mit Standard Flaggen für Smartphone etc. 1.) Das Display bleibt schwarz bis ACC gestartet wird. 2.) Sobald man in der Box steht fängt das LED grün zu blinken an und das Lumirank-Logo erscheint. 3.) Beim Einschalten der Zündung wird das LED blau, das blinken wird...
  5. F60Outrunn

    How do i change the default blue flag symbol in simhub?

    above you can see the default blue flag symbol in simhub, but this from what i can tell is an oval specific blue flag symbol, how do i change it to a solid blue flag (like you see in f1)? i want to use it with an RGB matrix display 8x5 LED connected to an arduino uno r3
  6. lilaxer

    Flag Indicator with a simple relative for SIMHUB v1.1

    Welcome to a simple flag indicator for SIMHUB This dashboard has a flag indicator (green, yellow, white, meatball(damage flag), black, etc) as well as a simple relative to see player ahead and behind times with positions. Very useful as a dashboard for phones or tablets Ingame Look: -Very...
  7. Wolf24h

    Flag Stripes 1.0.0

    Inspired by the way ACC displays flags I decided to evolve and move it to AC! With this mod flags are displayed as a stripe above the mirror so you can focus more on what matters the most in racing instead of looking into a corner of your screen. Penalties are displayed below the mirror so the...
  8. PUNKCM61

    Red Bull Drivers and Flag skin 1.0

    Hey guys, Here's an other small mod to help you keep your game as realistic as possible. Hope you like it! MANUAL INSTALLATION ONLY
  9. Luk_H

    realistic flags

    Hi, i'm searching for a realistic flag app/mod for assetto corsa. it should add more flags. this should make the experience more realistic.
  10. smakrzi

    Better Flags 1.0.0

    Easy install! Just drop into the Assetto Corsa main folder! This mod will swap original flags visible in the upper left corner. These are a lot easier to spot with a corner of an eye so you don't have to lose your focus in a heat of the battle! They are also a lot more stylish and modern.
  11. Mascot

    Dubai-themed billboards, plus new flags and inflatables for ACU's Dubai Street track 13.04.2020

    * If you like any of my resources and feel like contributing, please make a small donation to Cancer Research or your local charity of choice. Thanks! * Dubai-themed billboards, a new flag set and a Coke Zero inflatable (plus darker tarmac and road bricks) for ACU's new Dubai Street track...
  12. S

    New car, track categories and flags for Content Manager 0.51

    This is a feature that has been provided by Content Manager for AC and only works if you have it installed. It enable and shows with icons new categories as series, mods, tags in Content Manager. It´s a first starting point the community can collaborate developing it further. :) Please look...
  13. Mascot

    50 Billboard/Flag Track Skins for ACU's Okutama 1.0

    * If you like any of my resources and feel like contributing, please make a small donation to Cancer Research or your local charity of choice. Thanks! * Yeah, I know. Fifty? This started out as a pack of five billboard and flag skins for my favourite fictional track but I got a little carried...
  14. SaucePanWilly

    AC_Flags 1.8

    Features: - AC_Flags app, allows you to move the Assetto Corsa flags to any position on your screen. Hover mouse in the top left corner and hold left mouse button, drag to where you want the flag.( flag will be invisible, but the window will show. - Flag size can be changed (bigger or...
  15. Mascot

    Transparent Centred Flag Icons for Oculus Rift (also work for 2D displays) 1.0

    * If you like any of my resources and feel like contributing, please make a small donation to Cancer Research or your local charity of choice. Thanks! * Transparent Centred Flag Icons for Oculus Rift (also work for 2D displays) 1.0 This is an adaption I did for myself but other VR users might...
  16. SmaszeQ.

    Polish Stuff 2.0

    Polish stuff mod adds polish stuff to the game :D Polish Flag in Garage, Polish cars posters in bedroom, Polish Car Stickers [PL Sticker, Radio ESKA NORD Sticker(no longer exist 90's polish radio)] 2.0v What's new ? - Mugshot - New poster - More stickers (Pamiętamy, Polish scarf, Poland ball)...
  17. C

    Top/Center Flags for VR 1.1

    Top/Center Flags for VR I used the default Assetto Corsa flags to create a pack centered flags for VR. Just copy your specific flags folder to x:\....\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\gui and replace the default flags folder. The pack depends on your monitor (or downsampled)...
  18. Giacomo Noghera

    [GUI REPLACEMENT] Blancpain GT-Series Style National Flags 1.0

    This is a GUI replacement for the in-game national flags display, it's based on a resource pack made by Isaac Chavira and it contains the most used nationalities in the game. The files are in .png 48x48 resolution if you would like to make some yourself. If you like this mod I strongly recommend...
  19. Meff28s

    No Nationality Flags 1.1

    This mod deletes all the flags used for the drivers. Flags for the tracks still work. All other flags are "screwed" textures. Let's make you own drivers transfers :thumbsup:
  20. Isaac Chavira


    To the trolls, Don't come in here and down vote my work with 1 or 2 stars just because you dont like it and have no intent of using it. And especially if its your first post ever in the forums and you have no ability or talent to do what we content creators can do. These are complete...