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AC_Flags AC_Flags_v1.5

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- AC_Flags app, allows you to move the Asseto Corsa flags to any position on your screen. Hover mouse in the top left corner and hold left mouse button, drag to where you want the flag.( flag will be invisible, but the window will show.
- Flag size can be changed (bigger or smaller)
- Automatically turns on, you can "hide all apps" & AC_Flags will stay on.
- Works in VR and Single Screen.(I don't have Triple Screen setup, but I beleive it should work fine).

To change the size of the flag (bigger or smaller).
- Open the 'AC_Flags.py' file and look for the line 'scale = 1.0'
-'Change the 1.0 to 0.1(smaller) or 2.0(bigger), or any size you choose.

I'll work on that to make it easier in the future, along with other features I'd like to implement

Latest updates

  1. AC Flags v1.5

    -Added green flag to start of the race -Added white flag for last lap -Added checkered flag to...

Latest reviews

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Perfect, just what I needed.
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AWESOME must have if racing in VR!
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Great idea! If you want, feel free to add the flags I made for a mod I did a while ago if they are of any use, they've been redesigned and have different levels of transparency.
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Very useful, thank you! Now stupid racing flags won't block valuable information on my screen!
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