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f1 game

  1. phoenix84621

    Bugatti Fantasy My Team 1.0

    Install using erp. Replaces the racenet car. Make sure you replace in the FOM car and the MyTeam engine of your choice.
  2. phoenix84621

    Alpine F1 team 1.0

  3. theslamslider

    Red Bull Career Mode Austria Special Livery (Season 2) 1.0

    Donate (invest in me) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This my Special Red Bull skin that I used for my F1 2019 Career Mode in Season 2 for the Monaco GP. The skin was made by me. If you use it give credits. Respect...
  4. TheViper1198

    Looking for a F1 2004 Game

    Hey there people. When I was like 6 or 7 (in 2005), I got a Formula 1 Game from my older cousin. It was on PC and I think it resembled the 2004 F1 Season. However since this was 15 Years ago and I was too young, I can't rember what it was called, if it was a mod for a different game or anything...
  5. F

    F1 2020 Performance Mod 1.0 [FreQaxFsU] 2020-03-05

    * :::ALL CARS HAVE PERFORMANCE CHANGES BASED ON FANTASY & CREATIVITY, INSPIRED BY THE 2020 WINTER-TESTS. (Please make inspirational comments below for some improvements) Tracktime TOP 3 teams 1 sec faster (on average) The rest of the field can go up to +1,5 seconds faster (on average) *...
  6. T

    F1 2019 Tyre Wear

    In this year´s game, it´s very hard to manage the tyres, especially if you play on the pad or keyboard. Can someone make a mod to make the tyre wear and temperature more friendly. At the moment I can´t make 50% races with 1 stop. Thank you ;)
  7. Paul Jeffrey

    F1 2019 F1 2019: A Closer Look at F2 and the New Career Mode

    Codemasters have revealed some interesting insights into the updated career mode for the soon to be released F1 2019 videogame. Having taken something of a lead in recent years with their F1 franchise career mode functionality, one of the key gameplay features of recent F1 games, Codemasters...
  8. Paul Jeffrey

    F1 2019 F1 2019 Adds Custom Liveries - Moves Up Launch Date

    Codemasters have confirmed an earlier than expected release date for F1 2019, as well as customer liveries and their most "ambitious" Formula One game to date. It would be fair to say that the Codemasters Formula One franchise has seen some significant improvements in recent years, with the...