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ATS/ETS2 E90 Cluster Arduino

Hey community,

I am working on a project and have hit one last hurdle then on completion I hope to share with the gaming community, as I have spent hundreds of hours searching for answers have found a few videos of this setup working but no how to's.

I have an E90 Cluster along with 2 Arduino Uno's and 2 Seeed Studio CAN BUS Shields.

I have managed to get them "working" via telemetry. However as you will see in my video, that the one problem is the cluster seems to drop out/reboot every few seconds.

The resistance in the can bus is correct, I have tried a second cluster but still no joy.

If anyone knows anything that could be causing this that I may have missed your help will be greatly appreciated as I have hit a wall of where to go next.

I have jumped in at the deep end and this is my first Arduino/CAN project.



I've a similar setup. I've cut the termination resistors on the Seeed can shield. The Speedometer, fuel gauge & dash lights work. But for some reason the RPM gauge doesn't work. The cluster was working when pulled from the car. Also when I turn ON power to the cluster I can see all the gauges vibrate a bit and calibrate to 0. The RPM also moves in this case.

Do, you have any idea what could be wrong?