1. Fabian Balle

    Will NR2003 Mods come to RD ?

    With NR2003 beeing probably the best ever Nascar game on PC it would be great to have a section for the 1000+ mods/tracks/physics and paint schemes hereon RD. It also could make the game a bit more active when many Nascar fans see NR2003 here on this site.
  2. C

    Slow Download Speed

    Hello, I had been having slow download issues from Race Department for quite a while now. Are there any solution to improve the download speed? Downloading a less than 100MB file shouldnt take over 2 hours. I even bought Premium thinking that it would resolve this issue but it seemed like the...
  3. B

    Matsugadake 0.8

    Matsugadake This is a short 1.1 km hilly track, that runs for a section of a highway and loops around on the narrow village roads. Highway is smooth, but side roads are rough. It's more suitable for a softer ride or rally cars. It's a fantasy circuit, based on a fusion between the real...
  4. V

    Mod Hellllp!

    I hope this is the correct forum for this thread. Decided against the "Download" forum: I downloaded and extracted mods to a created "rF Mods" folder (within the desired rFactor install parent folder) with subsequent categorized folders. Upon manual boot from the rF exe, said mods didn't show...