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  1. Fanatec Podium Wheelbase DD2 Direct Drive Wheelbase

    Fanatec Podium Wheelbase DD2 Direct Drive Wheelbase

    In our latest hardware tech review, we take a look at the current Fanatec Podium DD2 wheelbase, to find out for ourselves if all the fuss around the flagship Fanatec offering is truly is justified. Fanatec top level direct drive wheelbase. Retails around 1500 Euros. Compatible with past...
  2. Fanatec Reveal New 'CSL DD' Wheelbase

    Fanatec Reveal New 'CSL DD' Wheelbase

    German sim racing hardware giants, Fanatec, have revealed a new Direct Drive wheelbase - the CSL DD. Available for just £349.95 euros. New Fanatec Direct Drive wheelbase. New, smoother technology. Supporting the full Fanatec ecosystem of devices, the new CLS DD has been described by Fanatec as...

    Authorized Vendor Simplace | The Largest Sim Racing Hardware Collection | Check it Out!

    Hi there sim fanatics! If you are looking for a new steering wheel, than we have something cool for you ;) The Audi GT3 Steering Wheel! The Audi GT3 Steering Wheel is one of our best selling sim racing steering wheels at the moment! The Audi GT3 Steering Wheel is 300mm diameter and is...
  4. H

    Sell Precision Sim Engineering LM-Pro Wheel

    Hi All, For sale is my Precision Sim Engineering LM-Pro wheel. Wheel is in fantastic condition as can be seen from the images attached. I purchased this wheel from Simon Povey, not long ago, but finding myself constantly drawn back to my SRB GT3 Wheel. It will also come with the carbon fibre...
  5. M

    Sell Leo Bodnar SimSteering2 FFB System (54) - Ultimate

    I figured I would start off with my most prized Sim Racing component. Honestly, I am only selling this if someone makes me an offer that I can’t refuse (no killing of horses is allowed... I’m from Kentucky people... horses are important to us). If they do, I will include the mounting bracket...
  6. knightop1

    Sell SimuCUBE SW20+ (20Nm Direct Drive Wheel) + Buchfink Q1R Quick Release System

  7. C

    Cheap and fast way to mount steering rim to Direct Drive

    Hi fellas, I just bought an Augury 20 Nm direct drive wheel as part of my sim upgrade. I am looking for a way to mount my real car Momo wheel rim to it as soon as possible without spending tons of money. Is there anything off the shelf I can buy on Amazon or eBay without having to buy a quick...
  8. L

    Sell OSW-Lenze + Controller (EU)

    Hello racers, sadly I have to give up simracing for a while because I moved to another city in Germany. This is the reason why I am selling my most important part of my setup - the OSW Lenze motor. It is a great base for every wheel and nearly plug and play with the MMOS software which is used...
  9. Playing GT Sport PS4 with Simucube wheel & Heusinkveld pedals - GIMX adapter

    Playing GT Sport PS4 with Simucube wheel & Heusinkveld pedals - GIMX adapter

    A little demonstration on how to set up and use a 30 Euro GIMX adapter to play GT Sport on the PS4 with high end sim gear.
  10. CaptianIglu

    IONI Pro HC

    Hey, On the website is said that it is usable with a Raspberry Pi. But how it will be...
  11. M

    Wanted Accuforce V1/V2 complete

    Hello everybody, [Sorry, I eventually bought a nice CSW v2.5 set, which is enough for my limited capabilities ;)] I'm new to simracing and currently building my own motion platform (SFX-100) as a hobby project. As a replacement for my Fanatec I'm looking for a DD system, particularly the...
  12. Scott duncan


  13. Andre Dietzel

    Sell Simracingbay OSW Direct-Drive Wheel 20 Nm Mige

    I am selling my OSW Direct Drive Wheel by Simracingbay in Tomo Meglic‘s known great built quality. It gave me endless hours of fantastic sim racing. Full spec Granite IONI Cube system with 20 Nm Mige Motor and the upgraded 10000ppr sensor. IONI ProHC Controller and 720W power supply. Was used...
  14. motoliser

    OSW & Heusinkveld Automobilista game setup

    I've been banging my head for quite a while because I couldnt get a satisfactory FFB on Automobilista and almost gave up on this incredible simulator because whatever setup I found online, was just so off! Well today I took quite some time to tweak my settings and got what I feel now like a...
  15. G

    Robbed the bank - Upgrade time !

    Hello everyone firsts things first. My English is bad please consider it while you are reading my post. I'm 27 years old car mechanic who loves to play racing sims. Since childhood i was playing Toca, McRae, Life for speed etc. - 99% of them at keyboard :) Then in 2011 i bought Logitech G27...
  16. Mascot

    Fanatec Podium wheel - dated for 13th July 2018 Now, 13th July for preorders... more info... prices..? Who knows at this stage. But my interest is piqued!
  17. K

    ClubSport Static Shifter Paddles Compatibility

    Hey guys, I have sorted out the basic foundations for my rig and just need some advise for the finer details. I'm getting a Sim-plicity DD Wheel and I would like some paddle shifters. I was originally leaning towards ascher racing, but they will cost 187EU for the plate and shifters plus...
  18. M

    MAJOR issues with Sim-plicity Ollie’s Kit?

    A few months ago I purchased a SimuCube SW20 direct drive wheel system from Sim-plicity. I know Ollie (Sim-plicity) is a well known and seemingly respected guy in the sim racing community, but I’ve been treated very unprofessionally by him and his team. After using the SW20 for a while it...
  19. Paul Jeffrey

    Fanatec Direct Drive Wheel - An Interview With Thomas Jackermeier

    RaceDepartment recently had the opportunity to chat to Endor CEO Thomas Jackermeier about the upcoming Fanatec Direct Drive wheel range. Check it out below. Receiving plenty of attention at the recent Sim Racing Expo, the Fanatec stand would feature both of the brand new and in development...
  20. Paul Jeffrey

    We Check Out the Fanatec Direct Drive Wheel

    At the 2017 Sim Racing Expo today I had the chance to check out the new Fanatec Direct Drive wheel... here are my first impressions. Now before going any further I need to give out some caveats. My time with the wheel was limited and used with the so far unreleased Project CARS 2 software. I...