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  1. doctorpyramid3

    Sell VRS Direct force pro with Thrustmaster Ferrari 599xx to OSW and SRC quick release FOR SALE

  2. What do you upgrade or replace next?

    What do you upgrade or replace next?

    When it comes to upgrading your sim racing equipment there are so many options, it can be daunting to decide where you should spend your money. Of course there are many people out there that don’t have to worry about where they spend their money. For the rest of us, we want to make sure we get...
  3. Thrustmaster Direct Drive confirmed for 2022

    Thrustmaster Direct Drive confirmed for 2022

    Thrustmaster has confirmed that their direct drive wheel base will be revealed and launched in 2022. Back in December 2021, Thrustmaster started to tease their followers on social with #STARTINGLIGHTS The first image they shared claimed that all their add-ons will be compatible with the new...
  4. Insert Coin

    DIY: using Thrustmaster wheels with QR and working buttons on DD wheelbase like VRS DirectForce Pro / MiGE 130ST

    I’m using Thrustmaster wheels for years. Until recently on a T300 wheelbase, but now I have moved on to a Virtual Racing School DirectForce Pro direct drive wheelbase. A direct drive wheelbase is quite an expense, I did not want to buy new wheels as well. Since I had already added a quick...
  5. B

    Sell Ascher Racing C26S buttonplate dual clutch with a Momo Mod 27C wheel rim (Netherlands, EU)

    SOLD! For sale in the Netherlands, EU: Ascher Racing C26S buttonplate dual clutch with a Momo Mod 27C wheel rim (280mm diameter) Excellent condition Shifters and dual clutches upgraded to the latest spec (same ones as on the F64-USB) Two funky switches (7-way joysticks) Includes original...
  6. New Fanatec Video Explains Direct Drive Technology in the CSL DD

    New Fanatec Video Explains Direct Drive Technology in the CSL DD

    Fanatec has released the first in a series of videos showcasing the technology behind their popular CSL DD wheelbase. Every year there are steps forward in sim racing hardware. As sim racing becomes more popular and its economy grows, the quality of gear generally increases while the price of...
  7. George_Boast

    Sell Priced to sell - Simplicity Sw7C

    A absolutely great deal to get yourself a very very cheap direct drive. Selling after upgrading to simucube. After settings were dialled in I found it much more enjoyable and practical then Fanatec csw2.5! £300 - NOW ONLY 300 collection (from Brentwood, Essex) or delivery
  8. George_Boast

    Wanted Budget DD. Non Fanatec

    I’m looking for a little more torque for the older cars then my current 7nm setup (but will consider all options, even if has 7nm min of torque). Has anyone got a budget DD for sale? Eg OSW, simucube1, 20nm simplicity, accuforce, simagic, simucube2 (if you’re keen to sell). etc
  9. c15ebbblade

    Sell Accuforce v1 DD Wheel & extras

    For sale i have a accuforce v1 direct drive wheelbase with 2 wheel rims from them aswell. Gt style and round. Perfect working order full complete setup Bit wear on the rim where hands go I have the license aswell for the unit I have spare Q/R, and few other bits Also from simhardwareracing i...
  10. M

    Sell Fanatec DD2 + CSL Elite Pedals LC + 2 Wheels + Peripherals for sale

    Offering the following items for sale, I am US Based (New York). Buyer will pay for shipping. All items are like new and have very minimal if any wear at all. All necessary PC wiring/usb cables/rj12 connector cables are included. Lightly used. - Fanatec Podium DD2 Wheelbase in Like New...
  11. Fanatec CSL DD Review

    Fanatec CSL DD Review

    The sim racing world appeared to be turned on its head earlier this year, when Fanatec released information about their new entry-level direct drive wheel. “...
  12. Damian Reed

    Fanatec CSL DD review

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  13. Fanatec CSL DD review

    Fanatec CSL DD review

    “Direct drive for a broader audience” – that’s how Fanatec describes its new CSL DD. Is Fanatec right? And is a direct drive wheel at the prices asked worth it? The sim racing world appeared to be turned on its head earlier this year, when Fanatec released information about their new...
  14. Fanatec CSL DD - Initial Thoughts

    Fanatec CSL DD - Initial Thoughts

    Find out what our initial thoughts are of the Fanatec CSL DD. Pre-order it from for EUR 349,95 via this link ▶'ve includ...
  15. I

    Sell Next Level Racing (NLR) DD Wheel Stand - $200

    Very good stand for tight spaces. I was using it with SimuCube 2 Pro 25NM on 100%, and Heusinkveld Sprints without any issues, very sturdy. Can be upgraded to a full rig: Looking for $200, will...
  16. Fanatec Reveal New 'CSL DD' Wheelbase

    Fanatec Reveal New 'CSL DD' Wheelbase

    German sim racing hardware giants, Fanatec, have revealed a new Direct Drive wheelbase - the CSL DD. Available for just £349.95 euros. New Fanatec Direct Drive wheelbase. New, smoother technology. Supporting the full Fanatec ecosystem of devices, the new CLS DD has been described by Fanatec as...
  17. H

    Sell Precision Sim Engineering LM-Pro Wheel

    Hi All, For sale is my Precision Sim Engineering LM-Pro wheel. Wheel is in fantastic condition as can be seen from the images attached. I purchased this wheel from Simon Povey, not long ago, but finding myself constantly drawn back to my SRB GT3 Wheel. It will also come with the carbon fibre...
  18. M

    Sell Leo Bodnar SimSteering2 FFB System (54) - Ultimate

    I figured I would start off with my most prized Sim Racing component. Honestly, I am only selling this if someone makes me an offer that I can’t refuse (no killing of horses is allowed... I’m from Kentucky people... horses are important to us). If they do, I will include the mounting bracket...
  19. knightop1

    Sell SimuCUBE SW20+ (20Nm Direct Drive Wheel) + Buchfink Q1R Quick Release System

  20. C

    Cheap and fast way to mount steering rim to Direct Drive

    Hi fellas, I just bought an Augury 20 Nm direct drive wheel as part of my sim upgrade. I am looking for a way to mount my real car Momo wheel rim to it as soon as possible without spending tons of money. Is there anything off the shelf I can buy on Amazon or eBay without having to buy a quick...