bobs track builder

  1. abrimaal

    Shared Cars - textures in DDS 1

    These cars are commonly found on GTR2 and Race07 tracks. The textures are in .jpg format and they are exported to tracks as .jpg too. (what should never happen) I converted them to .dds, but I am not sure if I found all textures, because the cars are standing on various tracks. I don't have...
  2. terminator12344321

    best way to buy Race Track Builder?

    i want to buy race track builder but i dont know what's the best way to buy it. steam? a site? maybe there's a steam sale coming up? if u know pls reply in the comments. thank you!
  3. terminator12344321

    Any suggestions for the best app to build race tracks in AC?

    I was thinking about 'race track builder' but it's quite expensive and the reviews are bad, yet it's the best app for building tracks. I'm looking for an easy, good and time effective app. Any suggestions before I buy 'race track builder'? PLEASE RESPOND IN THE COMMENTS! Thank you!
  4. abrimaal

    Beg for permission texture pack 202006

    Free the modding Scene from permissions, dependency, subservience and hierarchy. Feel free to distribute. Feel free to modify. Feel free to share. Create, be proud to create, be proud to share. Do not offend anyone. Generally there are 3 types of licence: copyright, creative commons and...
  5. J

    Tracks Programa para Crear Tracks para AC??

    Hello, I would like to know which is the best program to create Tracks for AC. The fact is that the two you have seen are Bobs Track Builder and Race Track Builder, the problem with the latter is that it is "expensive" and also has only 88 opinions in steam, BTB is the same processor supposedly...
  6. Schmuckiiii

    Can't export attempt divide by zero

    Can't export attempt divide by zero Hi, o can't export my track! When I tryes it shows: "Can't export attempt divide by zero" I don't now what to do! xpacks: 3dcrowds advertbridges basic city xpack CK Pits and Barriers Default FE style kerbs grandstands Japan Collection JPN_Collection...
  7. Leza Dreamizer

    BTB Track Collection / Improve pacenote for CZmappack

    Hello. I've been collecting BTB tracks for months, then found a total of 150+ stages. I picked 100 of them with good quality. BTB pack download BTB Finland Nokkospohja & my pacenote...
  8. K

    Track Export Error - "Length cannot be less than zero. Parameter Name: Length"

    Hi all, Can anyone please help me solve this error im encountering exporting my London street track. I'm trying to export it into a Racer file to post process it for Cruden. When i select to export the track im hit with an error message which says "Length cannot be less than zero. Parameter...
  9. carTOON

    Wakefield Park Raceway 1.00

    Wakefield Park Raceway GTL v1.00 created by barcika Wakefield Park Raceway is a 2.2 km (1.4 mi) motor racing circuit located near Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia. It is named after Charles Cheers Wakefield, the founder of Castrol Oil. The founder of Wakefield Park, amateur racer and former...
  10. Alex Everitt

    How can I use surfaces from original RBR for mt BTB projects?

    I'm creating some Wales Rally GB replica stages, having some drama with trying to find surface materials online, but I'm thinking all I need is the same surface materials and surrounding materials as the Great Britain rally (Falstone, Harwood, Chirdonhead, etc). Can someone tell me how I can...
  11. leobaruk1313

    Delete active license

    Hi... I have a license of BTB Pro active but I have to change my motherboard and format my PC... how can I delete the active license to upload a new license? Thanks all!!