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Puma GTB & GTE Skin Packs (AMS1)

Puma GTB & GTE Skin Packs (AMS1) 1.11

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Version 1.11 (27 November) can safely overwrite the previous version (version 1.1, 25 November).

These skin packs serve two purposes: (a) to expand the available roster of cars for each model to 30, and (b) by making these part of a separate series, you can select the GTB or GTE separately when creating an online or offline race (this was not possible in the original TC Classics DLC).

As a bonus, we've added a special 5-speed variant of the Puma GTE (as a separate model!) if you'd like to take the GTE to tracks with longer straights. The GTE 5S, as we call it, features a short 5th gear as well as adjustable final gearing.

We have included the original Reiza skins with this mod for the sake of completion -- no ownership or authorship of those particular skins is intended!

See the included README file for full credits.


Latest updates

  1. Four Skin Fixes

    With apologies for so quick an update, we needed to tweak four skins: GTE: #267 and #336 GTB...
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