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  1. arkloh

    488 Lucky Oldstone 1.0

  2. Mahardhika Putra Baliwa

    Ferrari F1 GT3 Pack 2020 1.0

    This is just like my old work in AC Mission Winnow and Rich Energy livery, but now with complete set. Will make this for AC soon. If you like my work you can support me by this link Preview:
  3. arkloh

    Ferrari Hun 1.0

  4. clawd

    488 MOMO Corse Livery 1.0

    Installation: Export files in "My Documents". Description: This is a version of the Momo Corse livery for the Ferrari. I'll be updating this post with other variations. We currently race with it at the "Coppa Maranello" from J6Sim Racing league. 488 MOMO Corse
  5. clawd

    488 United Colors of Benetton Livery 1.0

    Installation: Export files in "My Documents". Description: This livery was base on the Formula 1 1989 Benetton. Love these colors! Visually in the track this livery looks fantastic. We currently race with it at the "Coppa Maranello" from J6Sim Racing league. 1989 Benetton 488 United...
  6. Fabio Pittol

    Ferrari 488 GT3 - #83 Kessel Racing - Iron Dames 1.0

    Result of experimenting with ACC custom liveries capabilities and limitations. Donate via PayPal! If you like my work and want to support and help me keep doing them, I'd appreciate any kind of donation! Thank you ;)...
  7. Viktoren69

    Ferrari 488 GT3 Etihad Airways 2020-05-20

    Kunos Ferrari 488 GT3 in Etihad Airways fictional scheme
  8. Günthar Rowe

    True2Life-Racing - 2019/2021 Ferrari 488 GT3/Evo - Monster VR46 Kessel 2.3

    Kessel Racing's 2019 & 2021 Gulf 12 Hour Monster VR46 Kessel entry driven by V.Rossi, A.Salucci, L.Marini I have number boards, suit and helmet, but am unable to use at this point. Photoshop screenshot is to show this isn't the one Kunos made for Rossi for SRO esport invitational...
  9. Project Cars 2 * 2019 Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo [mod download]

    Project Cars 2 * 2019 Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo [mod download]

    for more onfo visit the yt video description
  10. enkay74

    WEC Ferrari AM Pack 1.0

    Been a little while since I uploaded any skins so I thought I would do a pack of AM Ferrari's from the WEC for the Kunos 488 GT3. They come with some basic driver helmets and race suits, hope you like them and they fill out your 2019 WEC grid!
  11. Günthar Rowe

    True2Life-Racing - Monster VR46 Kessel - Ferrari 488 GT3 1.1

    It's been 8 years since I have made anything for a racing sim, but after watching the race this weekend and since my youngest sons middle name is Valentino, I figured I would do a skin for him to drive. Credits for Pirelli P Zero DHD2 by Sanio Alfa Includes gloves and suit. might add a helmet...
  12. Ho0ligan

    Ferrari 488 GT3 Zolder Setup needed.

    Hey everyone. Does someone have any decent setup for 488 GT3 Ferrari 2018 please ?
  13. Kocur Design

    Ferrari 488 GT3 - ROS 3 1.0

  14. Bobby Childs Jr

    Apps SimHub - Ferrari 488 Dash Tuned for iRacing

    Bobby Childs Jr submitted a new resource: SimHub - Ferrari 488 Dash Tuned for iRacing - Works with both the GTE and GT3 Read more about this resource...
  15. Syndrami

    BWT Ferrari 488 GT3 Skin (2k) 2019-02-11

    BWT / Racing Point / Force India Skin for Ferrari 488 GT3 Added everything I love about the BWT 2018 liveries. This skin really has a special place in my 2018 collection, so I really hope you enjoy it. Install: Copy/extract folder "162_BWTFerrari488_2018" to...
  16. ltcars

    Ferrari 488 GTB Mosaic 2018-02-28

    Inspired from this livery: (17:39) A combination of the Rolls Royce from The Beatles and your kitchen floor, let me know what you think If you are not sure about the driver just delete the gloves, suit and helmet texture
  17. Baron3105

    Ferrari 488 GT3 Risi Competizione Rolex Daytona 24h 2018 #62 #82 Final

    Heyy, today i' ve done for you skin for Ferrari 488 GT3 from Rolex Daytona 2018 if you found any mistakes let me know ;) My biggest thanks to: To my friends which help me with sponsors Skin done in 2K, 4K and 8K #62 #82 If you want, add me on steam ;) http://steamcommunity.com/id/Par4l47/...
  18. Romek_12

    Ferrari 488 GT3 BEPIS 1.1

  19. Trimix3D

    Ferrari 488 gt3 sound mod 3.1.1

    Hey guys, this is my sound mod on the famous Ferrari 488 GT3, i hope you'll enjoy it ! USEFUL INFORMATION If you want to lower the braking whine sound, you can : adjust the "tyres" channel in the sound panel in game. Same for the transmission in the "transmission" panel. /!\ If you prefer the...
  20. venami

    Visit Florida Ferrari 488 GT3 2017-12-17

    Here's my attempt to recreate one of the most beautiful prototype liveries on a Ferrari 488. Visit Floridas #90 in 4k. Have fun with it :)