We are back with part 3 of the series in which our friend Ben Harrison from La Broca sim racing picks apart each sim and gives us his opinion on which each one does best. This week it's the turn of Assetto Corsa Competizione.

As Ben says in the video, I think we can all agree that ACC is probably the best GT3 simulator out there at the moment. It would have been a bit obvious to pick that as one of the aspects that ACC does best so Ben has rightly decided to look deeper than that, and I agree with most of what he said but there is one which i'm not so sure about.

The first point Ben makes is about the plug and play nature of ACC and its well polished UI and feature set. I'm in complete agreement here. ACC is not only a great driving experience but the fact I have to spend about 1% of my brain capacity on getting the game working is each time I load is a welcome experience. I would say I prefer some other sims in terms of car selection and riving experience but they are so fiddly and cumbersome that I have basically just given up playing them.

I don't want to give the entire contents of the video away but the next two points will certainly be a talking point. While I agree with Ben on his second point I totally understand that others may feel differently. His last choice though I think I disagree. I think that RaceRoom probably does this better than any of the other sims - Without watching the video, any guesses what it might be?

What do you think of ACC and what do you think it does well?

This is the third in this series we have done with Ben from La Broca Sim Racing. If you aren't yet familiar with Ben's content please give his YouTube channel a visit and consider subscribing for some excellent sim racing content.

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