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Welcome to the new look RaceDepartment

You may or may not know that RaceDepartment is turning 15 years old later this month. Starting life as a site for a small group of drivers to share information on upcoming races, it’s pretty unbelievable to think how far it’s come since those humble beginnings. RD recently passed the 1.6 million registered members mark which is frankly bonkers but it just shows how much the scene has exploded in recent times.

With this exciting milestone approaching we felt it was time to give the old site a bit of a freshen up. Out goes the old look and feel including the logo and in comes a new cleaner UI with a modern brand identity. This signifies the start of a number of changes across the site which will make RD a more valuable experience for you, our visitors.

On the new site you will see a new way to browse news and reviews, the latter of which offering up some pretty powerful user tools to help contribute opinions on products and software. We are also refining the way we publish news. It will be a lot easier to highlight exciting threads from the forums to the front page meaning that we can get the wider community involved in discussions which previously may have been missed.

SGP Launch.jpg

So, what is there to look forward to in the near future? Firstly the public access to our online racing platform simracing.gp, it goes without saying that there will be some pretty tight integration on the site, seeing and joining upcoming events will be easier than ever. Including some upcoming competitions where you can win some pretty cool sim racing hardware - Stay tuned for that next week.

We are also working on a new set of tools to make finding mods easier. Browsing by car model and type, track regions etc, this will come pretty soon after we have ensured all the existing functionality is working. On the subject of mods, if you are a modder posting your awesome content on RD, stay tuned we have some great news for you guys.

All that is left is to say a huge thank you to everyone who has helped RD grow over the years and we hope for another incredible 15 years.
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A motorsport fanatic and sim racer for over 20 years. Content creator for RD, and MD at Simracing.gp. Favourite sims include ACC, AC, RF2, AMS, WRC9 - VernWozza#7419 @vernwozza


These data migrations are never an easy thing. It's amazing how much driv.....I mean content we users have added to your own correspondence. Keep at it...looking forward to the next change in a few months...!!!!
Now that dark mode is back and i don't have to read ultralight text in light-grey-on-white...

Like the new logo.

Didn't find a button to globally disable all 371 Discord notification options, but leaving the server took care of that.
Love the new look and much like chocolate HobNobs, I'm even happier now there's a dark version. The new logo looks really cool as well, fantastic effort guys.
Sorry this is unreadable - bright empty areas with low contrast colour font in a not terribly easy to read typeface is actually giving me a headache. I have some visual processing issues which makes many things hard to read, but just typing this paragraph has started making the text swim.
( as I can't seem to edit I should point out that the dark mode is slightly easier initially, but the text isn't any easier to read & generally I find it harder to use unless all the lights are out ).
Very nice first impressions & i like the dark mode. The rating stars look odd in light grey though.
Hey can you point that out to me so I can take a look. We are only partially transitioned so there are certainly some tweaks that need to be made. Thanks so much for the feedback.
I like it! Wasn't totally fond of the previous redesign but this one is very clean, title images are easier to see inside the article and dark mode works better (when trying to highlight text I couldn't see the highlight in the previous RD dark layout).

Curious to see how it will integrate with SGP, but so far a job well done :thumbsup:
The forum is under the "community" tab now. As for other things, we have just migrated to a new version of the software so somethings have moved but we should find them back in place soon enough.

Please be patient with us, I know sometimes it looks like we a huge team but in reality it's just a few passionate sim racers trying to do our best.
Ahhh ok thatys why XD ,no rush , i think some parts or stuff dont see it like before , soon back to all good :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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