Trailer Posted for "The Sim Racer" Movie

A trailer has been shared for The Sim Racer movie, which prominently features a competitive sim racing tournament.

We're learning more about a movie that signifies sim racing hitting the mainstream. A new feature film from writer and director Brock Drury tells a story of a man attempting to pay down a debt by winning money in a sim race, and we now have a trailer for the film.

The trailer was released to The Sim Racer movie's website and Twitter account and shows the character of Luke Wallace, played by Roman Jacob Boylen, on hard times. He hopes to pay off his $9,600 debt by winning $20,000 in an iRacing tournament. The trailer also clearly shows Wallace donning a VR helmet. The official website of The Sim Racer movie offers a synopsis of the movie, and merchandise if you want to support the project.

It wasn't clear from the trailer or the official Twitter account of the movie when, or on which platforms, we'll be able to watch The Sim Racer. However we get to see it, this should be further validation of our hobby, or at least another means of spreading the word of the challenges of virtual racing.

Will you watch this movie? Let us know on Twitter at @RaceDepartment or in the comments section below!
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This makes me think of an argument a while back between people who wanted to call flying RC Helicopters a sport. It was a heated discussion. Personally as much as I've enjoyed flying RC Helis, I don't see it as a sport.

That said a movie is entirely for entertainment and if this movie is actually fun to watch, it "could" get more people in to Sim Racing.

But is it more likely to be crucified by every hater with a keyboard on the Internet, or actually do well?
I think movie could be better if it was the story of a person getting into real life racing through simracing. So something like, kid who was really good at karts and stuff is forced to quit real life racing due to something happening (financial related) and then gets back into it via simracing and ends up winning races or something.
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So he needs 9.600 to pay of his debt. Then sits in a VR race simulator which (all combined) costs at least 5.000. No clue what a second hand motorcycle costs nowaday, but let's also say 5.000. So if this guy would have some financial responsibility, he would sell all that stuff.

That leaves 400 bucks for a nice weekend with his girlfriend. Ok, they need to take the bus now, but it's when you're broke that you find out if she really loves you :D
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Would propose different movie titles:
"Disconnected in 60 seconds"
"The Lobby Job"
"The Dark Racer Rises"
"Kunos Kid"

any more suggestions?
Ferris Bueller's Day Online
Le Mans Virtual (with Steve DramaQueen)
Lord of the Sims: The Return of the King
The Good, The Bad and The Alien :alien:
One Flew over the Cockpits Nest
The Silence of the Champs
Racing Private Ryan
The Simtouchables
The Dark Knight Races
Sim Racer The Movie.
"Everyone thought it was just a game until TheStig647 was taken out in an online race on the last corner of the last lap.He had practiced that race for 40 hours in the previous week & if he won his Irating would hit 3000 for the first time.What happened next shocked the entire sim racing world "

Critics say
Gamermuscle "The portrayal of sim racing was realistic but I didnt really like the FFB or tire model."
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It fells nothing to do with any sim race fellow's story that I know.

Fells like someone that don't even know about the community wrote an script of a very cheap movie (that maybe had costed exactly those $9600 to be made) called his mummy, daddy and friends to be the "actors" (yeeea... I will not even start to talk about it) and that is it.

Maybe we get surprised by the movie being much better than it's trailer (can't be worst), but after this, is very hard to stay positive or even be constructive about. I really tried.
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Coming to VHS soon
Wouldn't be surprised considering the lack of 'names' having checked out the IMDB listing - more like using a gimmick to sell
The modern equivalent to straight to VHS is 'straight to Netflix' - in short, can't see this making much in cinemas or sell to mass audience abroad - not everybody has the luxury of a sim rig like his
One thing with this trailer is - why are they using the same game replay footage over and over again
Another, shouldn't the main character be a 30 something pizza delivery driver, with a $30k rig and estrangled from the teenage mother of his child
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Wilko Jones
Start wars
All for T1, T1 for all
Pirates of the pitlane
Aliens: The simracers rage
Life of Alien
Planet of Aliens
Fair driver hunting
How to tame your simrig
The fateful turn
Little Sim of Horrors
Simracers can't Jump
Do the right Lap
History of the Sim World
The Simulator - S2 Prequal Day
Simracers from the Hood
Dirty Simracing
The Naked Sim
Simbad and the 40 Racers

Is it Days of Thunder, but virtual?

Oh shoot! I forgot another potential title...

Days of Screen Tear
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