Thrustmaster T818 Direct Drive Wheelbase Revealed

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Thrustmaster’s first direct drive wheelbase has been revealed on a Twitch stream after a long marketing campaign.

After a long marketing campaign which gave sim racers only a trickle of teaser images, Thrustmaster’s first direct drive wheelbase, the T818, has now been revealed.

Thrustmaster’s Twitch channel was host to a reveal showcase hosted by marketing manager Tim Gorham. Viewers got their first look at the hexagonal wheelbase, which houses a motor rated for 10Nm of constant torque.

The T818 has a new quick release, which allows fast and easy switching between various wheels in the Thrustmaster’s ecosystem. The wheelbase is designed for PC only at this time, but future editions are planned for console. Thrustmaster also teased future products by mentioning an RJ45 port on the base which will not be used yet, but gives connectivity options for upcoming products.

And speaking of upcoming products, there are four new wheel rims expected from Thrustmaster in 2023. These wheels may be included with the T818 in future bundles.

The wheelbase includes a customizable light strip at the front of the base, which can be customized or disabled depending on user preference. Another customization option offered by the T818 are exchangeable metal plates for the side.

For pricing, the T818 wheelbase alone will cost $649.99/€649.99, and pre-orders are now open on the Thrustmaster EU e-shop. If and when the T818 sells out, a second wave will be available at the end of December. The first wave of orders for the US market should be ready for order in March of 2023.

What are your thoughts on this wheelbase? Would you order one for yourself? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below.
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Comments many nm? 11?
if csl dd can make 8 and it costs 500, for 650 i expect a more powerful wheelbase.
Viewers got their first look at the hexagonal wheelbase, which houses a motor rated for 10Nm of constant torque.

The CSL requires the boost kit to reach 8nm, personally I'd prefer no boost kit and just the motor, let's not forget the insane shipping cost to some countries and fanatec's excellent customer service lol
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Well, looks are subjective. I prefer if my wheelbase and rims look like "equipment" rather than toys. Equally, I don't like toy-ish look of Moza wheel with the display.

If are already in their ecosystem, like TGT which provides a good FFB, have a wheel rim you like, it's the perfect upgrade for the price. If you're upgrading to Moza or Fanatec, you'll have to buy a wheel too, and the price will go up, but in the end, you'll be paying a similar amount.
Confused... When they say ecosystem, does that mean older rims like the ferrari 599xx and F1 wheels will work?
I'm wondering the same thing, but it is likely. Otherwise why would they release the base without any wheels available?
Then I’ll definitely jump on the SF1000 rim, price coming down and it will pair nicely with this
Glenn Briden
Yup it is another wheel base in the Mid range. Nothing life altering. If you are a Th user now this will be a natural step otherwise it doesn't present any reason to switch from another manufacturer. Would have liked to see a Wheel / Rim set but whatever.
Perfect for you 'gamer' setup. Looks like a bluetooth speaker with RGB, you can mount a rim to xD

But yeah, looks are secondary and tastes vary. Looing forwards to all the reviews.
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