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  1. Thrustmaster T818 Direct Drive Wheelbase Revealed

    Thrustmaster T818 Direct Drive Wheelbase Revealed

    Thrustmaster’s first direct drive wheelbase has been revealed on a Twitch stream after a long marketing campaign. After a long marketing campaign which gave sim racers only a trickle of teaser images, Thrustmaster’s first direct drive wheelbase, the T818, has now been revealed...
  2. T

    Looking for recommendations regarding complete setup for $5k

    Hey guys, I’m currently looking for a new place with more room and want to upgrade my rig after that. I currently have a desk mounted G920 and am therefore in need of a completely new rig as I want something much better. I’m in need of a rig with a seat and a triple monitor stand etc, a DD...
  3. B

    Sell Turn Racing R8 LMS 2020 dual clutch (Netherlands, EU)

    SOLD! Turn Racing R8 LMS 2020 dual clutch steering wheel (300mm diameter) Excellent condition; the suede has minimal wear Ascher Racing shifters and dual clutches (same ones as on the F64-USB) One funky switch (7-way joystick) works fine, the second one only works as a rotary switch with push...
  4. B

    Sell Ascher Racing C26S buttonplate dual clutch with a Momo Mod 27C wheel rim (Netherlands, EU)

    SOLD! For sale in the Netherlands, EU: Ascher Racing C26S buttonplate dual clutch with a Momo Mod 27C wheel rim (280mm diameter) Excellent condition Shifters and dual clutches upgraded to the latest spec (same ones as on the F64-USB) Two funky switches (7-way joysticks) Includes original...
  5. George_Boast

    Wanted Budget DD. Non Fanatec

    I’m looking for a little more torque for the older cars then my current 7nm setup (but will consider all options, even if has 7nm min of torque). Has anyone got a budget DD for sale? Eg OSW, simucube1, 20nm simplicity, accuforce, simagic, simucube2 (if you’re keen to sell). etc
  6. P

    F1 steering wheel with / without dashboard or additional clutch paddles (VRS DF Pro)

    Hello folks, I already have a VRS Direct Force Pro on which the Porsche steering wheel (320mm diameter) with the Fanatec (Porsche Endurance) button box is on it. Since I also like to play dirt rally, etc., I bought a round steering wheel at the time. But since steering wheels with smaller...
  7. Fanatec CSL DD Review

    Fanatec CSL DD Review

    The sim racing world appeared to be turned on its head earlier this year, when Fanatec released information about their new entry-level direct drive wheel. “...
  8. Fanatec Podium Wheelbase DD2 review

    Fanatec Podium Wheelbase DD2 review

    In our latest hardware tech review, we take a look at the current Fanatec Podium DD2 wheelbase, to find out for ourselves if all the fuss around the flagship Fanatec offering is truly is justified. Fanatec top level direct drive wheelbase. Retails around 1500 Euros. Compatible with past...
  9. Paul Jeffrey

    Fanatec Podium Wheelbase DD2

    This thread is for the general discussion of the item Fanatec Podium Wheelbase DD2 Direct Drive Wheelbase. Please add to the discussion here.
  10. Ardylicious

    Sell VRS Direct drive Direct force pro 20nm

    For sale. It breaks my heart to sell. Just 2 points that the sale is not for the xero play or the 2 screws that came with my cube controls to secure the hub. Comes with everything else hub and motor and mount and box. Plus original box and all screws that came with it. Looking at £800-900...
  11. Mo Selvarajah

    Sell Complete simrig outfit - dd wheel, pedals, wheels, shifter, quick release!

    EDIT: i've changed my mind............only selling as whole package for time being, i'll leave it another few months before splitting in March if it doesn't sell. I'm near Nottingham, UK. Complete simrig outfit for sale, my price is £1650 total. No offers. You can see below how i have come to...
  12. Paul Jeffrey

    Discussion | Direct Drive Wheels: The Good, Bad And The Ugly

    Discussion time! Direct Drive wheels are becoming increasingly common in sim racing, but which one should you get? Long gone are the days of just one or two niche manufacturers developing DD wheel solutions for a hardcore few. In 2020, the discerning sim racer has a wealth of choice when...
  13. knightop1

    Sell SimuCUBE SW20+ (20Nm Direct Drive Wheel) + Buchfink Q1R Quick Release System

  14. Paul Jeffrey

    RDTV: Leo Bodnar SimSteering2 Direct Drive Wheel Review

    We get some time behind the wheel of the Leo Bodnar SimSteering2 direct drive wheel. I’ve been fortunate enough to have had plenty of experience with direct drive wheels in my time, in fact I’ve got the SimCube OSW device attached to my rig right now, but I’ve never had the opportunity to spend...
  15. Paul Jeffrey

    Direct Drive on a Budget? Feel VR Kickstarter is Here, But Act Fast!

    We heard about the FeelVR Direct Drive wheel project back at the 2017 Sim Racing Expo, and now the plans are a reality with a new Kickstarter campaign launched today. The team behind Feel VR had an ambitious target to develop and ship a Direct Drive wheel and pedal set for considerably less...