rFactor 2 has seemed to struggle with its user interface for many years, even after the last update it didn't seem to deliver on the promise of providing a slicker experience. That looks like it's about to change with a new update coming next week.

A familiar voice in the form of Paul Jeffrey talks us through the announcement of the new UI coming later this week and I have to say it looks pretty good from what I can see. The issue I had with the current UI was that it didn't make getting on track easier or quicker, yes it looked a bit nicer but aesthetics were only part of the problem with the original UI.

The promise from Studio 397 with the latest UI update is to tackle exactly that, get people on track quicker. Paul also says that the features we know and love are all present and correct in the new build too which is great to hear. This UI "has been designed by sim racers for sim racers" so I am hopeful that this time we finally have a UI worth of such a fantastic driving experience.

Do you play rF2? If not will this UI update convince you to give it a try? Let us know in the comments below.