Equipment is a matter of preference in sim racing. Usually, this refers to hardware like wheels, pedals or entire rigs, but opinions are just as diverse on what to wear during virtual excursions to the race track - which is why we here at RaceDepartment were wondering what our community prefers to wear while racing.

Everybody is comfortable in different clothes for different situations, with sim racing being no exception. Personally, gym shorts and a t-shirt are my go-to for maximum comfort and avoiding to become too hot during extended sessions. Two of the most debated pieces of equipment apart from hardware are gloves and shoes, however.

Usually, owners of alcantara wheels tend to wear gloves to protect the wheel's material from sweat and oils, but they are not the only ones: The increased availability and spread of direct-drive wheel bases has led to more sim racers wearing gloves for increases grip or even comfort.

Regarding shoes or racing boots, it is less about protecting the pedal's materials, but rather your feet themselves. Heavy load cell brakes need a lot of force to be pushed to their potential, which is easier to do for most while wearing shoes. I started wearing them as soon as I started using an H-shifter and heel-toeing on downshifts, as the latter quickly became uncomfortable or just plain painful in longer sessions.

As a result, not wearing gloves or shoes when racing feels weird these days - but that is just me. What about you? What do you prefer when sitting in your rigs? Let us know in the comments - we are looking forward to your answers!
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