Gran Turismo 7 | Next Week Update Teased With 4 New Cars

It's that time of the month again for Gran Turismo: Kazunori Yamauchi tweeted the usual car silhouettes teaser picture to announce the next update coming next week. Bit of a surprise considering the pattern adopted until now, it's not 3, but 4 cars that will be added to the game this time.

First up, on the top right, is the 2018 version of the Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3. The game until now only featured the original version of the race car without the update package.


It will be accompanied by its rarest ancestor, found on the bottom left here: the second generation Skyline 2000 GT-R, nicknamed Kenmeri due to a commercial. Despite being extremely successful during the time it was sold, it was short lived and is the rarest of all GT-Rs. Released in September 1972 right before an emissions law change, its production was forced to end on March 1973, with only 197 units of the KPGC110 sold. It is mechanically very similar to the first iteration of the GT-R, sporting the same S20 inline 6 engine, also found in a special edition of the 240Z (both cars already being in GT7).


Photo by Ypy31

Above on the left is the Maserati Merak, most likely in its SS version. Designed by Giugaro and engineered by Alfieri, the Merak in this version was produced from 1975 and delivered 220hp from a 3.0 V6 mounted behind the seats. It came during rather chaotic times for Maserati, as it transitionned from being under Citroën management to being partially owned by De Tomaso, after being temporarily helped the italian public institution GEPI. This affected the Merak highly, with early versions making extensive use of Citroën hydraulic technologies, which were progressively removed from the cars. This makes it impossible to know from the teaser the exact specs of the car modeled here.


Photo by Brian Snelson

Last one is a new version of the last gen ND Mazda MX-5, already present in the game in the 1.5 S japanese market version. It's still an open top version, but will probably be the 2.0 version. Another possibility would be the NR-A race car, but we can't spot a roll cage her.


The usual update pattern for GT7 means this update should also feature a new track, although nothing is guaranteed at this point, especially with this teaser breaking the habits.
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More Cars that require minimal to no effort by modifying existing cars only one that is brand new.

We could do with making the game less grindy. More Driving Missions and more frequent menu updates.
Love that the Nissan GT3 is coming. Really hope more Japanese tracks are in the pipeline – for example, Sugo and Motegi (perhaps even the Super GT oval chicane version :p). Maybe other tracks Super GT has gone to as well, like Buriram and Sepang.

I'm not really the target market for GT7, and it's unlikely I'll buy a PS5 exclusively to play it. But if I ever did, it would be to have Super GT-type multiclass league races in the game with dynamic weather and on tracks that the series races on in real life. I can't fathom why, but GT7 is the only sim-ish racing game with officially licensed current-ish Super GT content. So anything to enhance that experience would be great in my book.
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