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Pros: The AI are the most fun to race they've ever been. They will defend, they will fight, they will attack. They are less afraid to be risky, and sometimes that will pay off for them, sometimes they will end up facing backwards They are good fun to race against.

The Braking Point story mode, if you're interested in that sort of stuff, is very, very well done. The writing is very good, the animations are also done well, and the scenarios they drop you in are good fun.

The sounds are better than ever in my opinion. There are probably still better sims out there, but the engines sound the best they ever have in my opinion.

The new customisation in Career Mode is a very good touch. Things like the rate you or the AI earn resource points or acclaim can now be adjusted (separate toggles for you and the AI, so you can make it easier or harder as you please). You can also increase or reduce the frequency of the safety car and AI engine failures, and random car failures for the player are included for the first time, and can also be adjusted or turned off. If you are a career mode player (like me), I see these as a game changer.
Cons: Braking Point is probably a little bit easy. Even on the hardest of the three settings, I could easily compete against the AI on a controller and complete all but one of the challenges first time.

MyTeam is pretty much the same as last year. If you aren't too bothered about the right branding or new tracks, then you would probably be fine sticking to MyTeam in F1 2020

There is still more to be done on the customisation side of the cars.

No VR. As someone on a controller this doesn't affect me in the slightest, but if it is a deal breaker for others then fair enough.

No mouse support. Again, I use a controller but I can understand why this could be annoying for others. Especially given all the effort they've gone through to refresh the menus this season.

Classic cars are gone. This may be a deal breaker for some, but Codies clearly feel they weren't getting enough engagement. The only reason they would have been worth keeping was if they added new ones. A they didn't, F1 2020 is still available will all the previous classic cars.
I've had the game a few days now as a casual, controller player. These are my first impressions.

I haven't yet tried Multiplayer or driver career so I can't comment on them, and as a controller player I don't feel like I'm in the best place to comment on the physics so I haven't. That said I do find the handling more 'fun' this year, and you can also definitely notice the lack of downforce compared to 2020.

I have given this a 3 out of five rating if you are not someone who plays these games religiously (as one of the games that is easier on a controller than say ACC or PC2, but more realistic than Forza or Dirt 5, I find myself on the F1 games a lot), but has previous versions. I would recommend it if it's on sale for more than about 40% off, for some possibly even more discounted. However, if you haven't played one of the titles in a long time and you are a big F1 fan, I would give this 4 out of 5.
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