Could Project Cars 4 be on the way?

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Ian Bell the former Slightly Mad Studios CEO has tweeted today “If PCars 4 is awesome it was all me. If it isn't. I left 6 months ago”

This is the first time Ian Bell who left Slightly Mad Studios 6 months ago has mentioned Project Cars 4 in over a year and yes it’s not much, but you could assume that he knows what’s going on with the PCars 4 project.

It’s been two years since Project Cars 3 came out, the third instalment in the Project Cars franchise didn’t go down well with fans of Project Cars. The first two Project Cars titles were hardcore sim racers and though they had their flaws (as do all sims in some way), there was a loyal following.

During the two years since Slightly Mad Studios released PCars 3, the studio was sold to Codemasters and then Codemasters was bought out by Electronic Arts.

Most fans of the franchise would agree that they don’t want another Project Cars 3, however it would be fascinating to see what the madness game engine is capable of on the latest generations of console.

Would you be excited for Project Cars 4?
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Of course, I'd like to see PC4. But what are the prerequisites for it to be more or less a simulator? EA/CM have the arcade NFS, the not quite arcade Grid, and the pretenders to the title of a simulator - F1 and DR/WRC. PC4 could very well get in line with F1 - not too hardcore, but not too arcade either.
I don't think EA cares about anything but profits, but in this case they have nothing but F1 in eSport, which is also quite a profit :)
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Yeah, i'd like to see PC4 too. (Out of curiosity btw, not from excitement) If they're going to take PC2 as starting point, fixing car sounds and make it more like ACC, revising car handlings, and fixing FFB then sure, why not? But i think it's good to keep expectations low since PCars 3 went wrong direction and you know... Cough "EA bought franchise" cough...
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If the skipper changes the course significantly, so that PC4 = GTR3, fine then just go ahead.
However, I'm filled with a basic scepticism.
I loved Pcars2. If its a evolution of this one I instant buy. But now Pcars fans have been gone for several years elsewhere. The wait was too long. I think it's too late especially since there are many quality sims on the market today.
And sorry but the words of Ian Bell are no longer credible. This guy said or promised too much nonsense. He's the Clown of sim racing...
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Any title baring the name project cars had better be the best sum ever created in order for me to spend another red cent on that title
Yep wont buy this one until they prove vr actually works with a wheel without going through contortions to get it working before every single race.
You wrote " the third instalment in the Project Cars franchise didn’t go down well with fans of Project Cars."
Did it go down well for any one? The amount of players still bothering with PCars3 is ridiculously low, it makes AMS 2 looks good. :roflmao:
The attendance numbers for PCars2 are still good, on par with most SIM.
I am curious to see what, if anything, PCars4 can bring to the table.
The issues with the SMS engine, in my view, will prevent anything truly engaging to be able ever achieved. Time will tell.
While enjoying AMS2 , I'm looking forward to PC4 seeing as we are now shown that the madness engine can be wonderful and work even better than what we had in PC2. They can leave PC3 and Shift games to being just that, games. Would be nice to see them get back to their roots.
I'm fully invested in AMS2. But it's been a slow hard grind so far and they're still not there yet. The Madness engine whilst beautiful is majorly flawed in several ways. AMS2 has picked it up and done a good job with it, but still isn't my goto game/engine yet.
I'm in the minority here wanting this, but if PC4 can fix the madness engines crash physics/graphics (I'm a BeamNg fan) amongst other things I'll take a look at it. I'm not holding my breath though. As said above, I'm more excited about ACC2. Besides when will we see PC4, 12 to 24 months away at least?
I'm cautiously optimistic. This is the first Project Cars game that'll be entirely developed under Codemasters, so I don't think it'll be like Project Cars 3, too many redundancies with the GRID series. However, this is also the first Project Cars game that'll be developed under Electronic Arts so it can always find different ways to disappoint.

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