ACC Racing Club returns with British GT and Rookie Series

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Club racing for our Premium members is back in full swing - check out our ACC events below!

Rookie Series
Although this series is aimed at new comers to ACC or drivers wanting to sample good online racing, we welcome all skill levels. We combine fun events with discord chatter and collective learning into our races for our premium members.

For these races there will be two classes to pick from:
  • Am - Pick this class if you are new to ACC, haven't had much experience with online racing or you are looking for help with your racing. All we ask is you re-join the track safely if you come off and keep to the racing line for blue flags - let the faster cars find a spot to pass.
  • Pro - Pick this class if you have done online races before and your pace is usually within a few seconds of the top 3.
To find out more visit the Rookie Series page HERE

British GT Series
This is the club's flagship series taking on the full British GT calendar.
  • Follows the 2022 track calendar
  • GT3 only
  • Points on offer from 1st - 10th
  • 1 hour races with mandatory pit stop for tyre change
  • Top 3 each race get success ballast applied for the next race
    P1 = 75kg / P2 = 55kg / P3 = 35kg
  • Entries limited to 35 to ensure sensible grid sizes - grab your spot now!
You can find all the details on the British GT Series page HERE

*You need a Premium membership to join our club races. Click HERE to upgrade*

We look forward to seeing you on track. Any questions feel free to leave them below in the comments :thumbsup:
About author
I've been sim racing for around 16 years starting off with titles like Live for Speed and Rfactor then settling on GT Legends for a few years. Now I mainly race on ACC and AMS2

I won a few mini league championships over at GamersCrib (shout out to anyone who remembers that!) and was proud to win the ACCSS 24 hours of Spa 2021 with Team RD.

I run the RD ACC Club, feel free to contact me with any questions :)


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