Yas Marina Circuit

Yas Marina Circuit 0.9.0

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Yas Marina Circuit For Assetto corsa Converted by Tiago Lima

25 pit box
Hotlap working
sectors working

Conversion permited by NAD one of the original Creators more info on the readme file

Thanks For All coments

Tiago Lima
File size
31.4 MB
First release
Last update
4.33 star(s) 40 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Minor updates

    -Tweaked tarmac -tweaked blue areas -new grass -tweaked sand -grand stand now are visible from...

Latest reviews

The AI is completely screwed on this track! (it stops by itself in some places). And only one layout that of F1
Nice track! Could we possibly have the 2 other layout (north and south circuit)?
How do I install, why no instructions??
i like very much yas marina circuit
thanks for your effort
Good looking track but terrible AI makes it impossible to play offline races. Cars float around half the track too.Get that fixed and you have a half decent package, otherwise it is unplayable.
Good track but terrible AI: cars goes everywhere. Impossible to play in Race mode. For Practice no problem.
Great work, but has some serious errors, has a bug in the entry box, the car disappears floating, in many parts of the circuit can not detect the off-road.
great track. 5 stars. I would like to see some cones or something on the chicanes.
Another half assed port. Horrible quality you can fly trough map on first corner. Uploader is shameless enough to actually ask for donations for this...
Good Job
Cool Track but you can make your tracks complet? less is more... ;-)
Great work! Thanks for sharing!
Great Job !
Thanks Tiago
Very good work.
Just before the first left hand corner after the start/finish if you manage to go into the left wall there is some sand there and a hole in the programming. It falls away. The track looks great!! Thanks for sharing.
Thanks! It's very good
great job
very nice layout,still need some imprevements the tarmac (some bumps) .