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WTCC BMW E90 1.4

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Here the WTCC BMW E90 mod for Automobilista.

Totally rebuild with the new shaders from AMS.


Some explanation about the .SRS and .TGA file.

Before you can place this mod in your Automobilista you must look in your Series dir.
Look what your last reiza number is.

When it is reiza22, rename the srs and tga file of this mod to: reiza23.srs and reiza23.tga
When it is reiza21, rename the srs and tga file of this mod to: reiza22.srs and reiza22.tga
When it is reiza23, rename the srs and tga file of this mod to: reiza24.srs and reiza24.tga

After you have done this you can see the logo at the menu.

Good luck all and have fun.

Franklin Stegink
Franklin Stegink
File size
173.4 MB
First release
Last update
4.56 star(s) 36 ratings

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Latest updates

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  2. WTCC BMW E90 v1.3

    Version 1.3 This is the newest version of the WTCC BMW E90 mod. - Car totally reworked with...
  3. WTCC BMW E90 v1.2

    * Soundfix * Less shining tires * Less shining skins
  4. WTCC BMW E90 v1.1

    Physics update

Latest reviews

I dont know why really but I was not expecting a lot from this mod ...but actually I love it ..yes there is an issue with rear spoiler but that is such a small issue. You have done some awesome here mate, the car drives superb ...many many thanks.
Not a lot of support...shame
5 stars for the car, though the Motec display only shows rev bar, and position. No gear or speed ?
Or am I alone missing that ?
Great mod, I have two issues, though. The icon is not working (iset the files name to 1 number higher than my last one). In cockpit view, the steering wheel keeps disappearing and coming back intermitently.
Franklin Stegink
Franklin Stegink
What for graphical settings you are using now?

Call the .srs and the .tga to BMW_E90.srs and BMW_E90.tga
Great mod. Feels like it could be part of the base game.
Thanks. Nice car... handles well and sounds decent too.
I never was a fan of WTCC but this car is just so much fun to drive, great work!
amazing buddy! thank you :)
Hi Franklin, your WTCC BMW E90 is a must have, thank you very much.
P.S. : are your working on overheating problem ?
Thanks so much,really happy with this.
Nice little action car. Not bad. But the icons dont works. My last slot is 22, i rename the 2file to 23 but nothing is in the game, only over all cars/tracks.
Just 1 word ... thank you for this very good mod ;)
7 words ? ... ( because I cannot give 7 stars ;) )
It's a little detail but I wish the interior was darker, it's kinda distracting.
Other than that, perfect car.
Very pleasant sound, realistic handling, what else can we ask for? he he :)
I didn't have the overheating problem, but then again, I didn't drive that long.
I would like to rate as 4,7 star, Great mode, feels great, only minnor issues, but I dont care about it much.
I care mostly for the physics when it comes to mods and this one is quite good actually. Has got some nice dynamics going on.
Has got character, has some nice oversteer, but manageable and controllable as a race car should be.
It makes for a fun driving experience.

A quality mod for AMS. Thanks , Franklin.
Worked for me very good ! Bun now i have a problem with my slot no 21... whatever car i copy there it is always choosing the slot no 20. My BMW was reiza 21. Please help !
Franklin Stegink
Franklin Stegink
I saw it also yesterday, steam removed reiza21 from my series.
What is the highest reiza number for you now
Reiza use nummer 1 till 20
Very good mod.
Since realfeel is using the first 5 letters in the description in the veh file AFAIK, isn't it better to start it with something like BME90?
I changed it in all files but now with the update i have to do it again.
Otherwise you have to drive the same driver every time or you will get many entries.
Franklin Stegink
Franklin Stegink
Can you sent me your veh files and the realfeelplugin.
I can make the mod with realfeel.
Enjoying the mod a lot, but opponent sound levels are too high for me even when knocked down to 50%. Is it just me?
Franklin Stegink
Franklin Stegink
I making a update with fix the sounds.
Tnx for reply.
I downloaded the car and I honestly loved it!

The handling is great and the car is really fun to drive, plus the ffb is very good!

It is very easily damageable but the damage doesn't seem to affect performance much: I've just finished a 40 minutes race against the AI at Bathrust where I'd broken my suspension on Lap 1, but the car was totally driveable.

Only thing I noticed which bothered me a little, albeit maybe it's representative of the truth(never really followed WTCC irl, not much coverage for it here in Italy) is that the engine overheats really fast, and it is really hard to make it cool down: when driving at race pace, my engine overheated after around 4-5 laps, so I had to slow down and give up some time to the AI in front.

Anyways, thank you very much for your work, it is a great car and I'm sure I'll be spending many hours driving it!
Franklin Stegink
Franklin Stegink
I shall look at the overheating problem
Great to see this car in AMS! It was always one of my faves in Race '07.Excellent physics, and fantastic sounds. Very well done!
Thank you very much.
Just driven some laps around Nurbergring and it's a beauty to drive.
The only problem with this game, for me, is the lack of GT3 cars (not the flat 6, which I'm not keen on) and this goes a long way to help me scratch my itch!
I love this car!!

Great job :)
Franklin Stegink
Franklin Stegink
Thanks for you review
A very responsive car, that is great fun to drive. It still needs a bit of work, but given the current product, it would only make it better
Franklin Stegink
Franklin Stegink
Also thanks for your review
Thanks for this mod Franklin, very enjoyable! Nicely converted, car works great and is a joy to drive. Great to have the AMS features!! Looks good inside/outside. Tires look too shiny, maybe the body too? The sounds are maybe too realistic for my taste, they become annoying pretty quickly, especially the brake whine… Just a little more polishing and it will be a 5 stars mod for me! Thank you.
Franklin Stegink
Franklin Stegink
Thank you for review.
Indeed are the sounds a little bit to high, like tires and rumble sounds.
I shall try to make it better in the next version.
Also i shall do something about the tires.
I really enjoyed driving this car. I also saw the floating rear wing but that's a fairly minor detail. I can't claim at all to be anything like a sim driving expert, but the E90 has the same good feel that the other cars do in AMS.
Franklin Stegink
Franklin Stegink
About the rear wing in the mirror.
Look at your documents / automobilista / userdata / your name
Than open your .plr file and look under Graphic Option and search for this:

Self In TV Rearview="0" // add values for any that should be visible (0=none): 1=rear wing & wheels, 2=body & susp, 4=cockpit, 8=steering wheel (15=all)
Self In Cockpit Rearview="0" // add values for any that should be visible (0=none): 1=rear wing & wheels, 2=body & susp, 4=cockpit, 8=steering wheel (15=all)