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Clio Cup 2016

Clio Cup 2016 1.0

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Here the Clio 2016 Cup Central Europe for AMS

The whole car with AMS shaders and dirt/grass pick up

I want to thanks @Imre Bende (Emerico from simcompany) that i could use this mod.

Have fun with it.

You can find the templates under:
Franklin Stegink
File size
171.3 MB
First release
Last update
4.75 star(s) 12 ratings

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Latest reviews

Great mod, thank you very much and with the changes proposed by Marc Collins it´s even better. Only the sound is distortet.
very very good
It's great, but literally halves my FPS
Unplayable for me unless I lower a lot of quality settings.
Any way to make it less system intensive?
The 2013 mod runs fine.
Thank you for this great mod !
Great Stuff Thanks!! :)
fanatstic mod, thanks!
Not sure why but i am getting some massive FPS hits with this mod, 16 cars on salvador as they come past drops from 210FPS to sometimes as low as 50FPS, no issues with 2013 mod
Franklin Stegink
Franklin Stegink
This mod is indeed much heavier than the 2013 model.
Thx Good job
Sound is distorted and opponent sounds are too loud relative to user car. Had to adjust Realfeel from -2500 to -3800 to avoid massive clipping. This car is more powerful with a much more aggressive race setup than the 2013 mod. Fixing the sound will make it a 5-star mod for sure. I also noticed some DynaHUD flickering, but am not sure if that's from the base mod or the high-res skins?
Franklin Stegink
Franklin Stegink
I shall look at it and sort it out
Fantastic mod. I even prefer this version to the original rFactor 2 one. Thank you so much.
I have only 2 points that I think need some tweak. Wheel rotation, 360º is not enough, I edited the HDV file to 540º and it feels like a new car. Also the wheel is too heavy.
I use 80% FBB but even so I add some 1000 to SteeringRack for a final value of 3500 to get a ligther steering.
Franklin Stegink
Franklin Stegink
Thanks, i shall look at the degrees and the realfeelplugin
Awesome stuff!! Thanks a lot for bringing this to AMS! :)
A must-have for every simracer!
Franklin Stegink
Franklin Stegink
Thanks @Araripe

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