WRC 8 Mods

WRC 8 Mods 8.03

No permission to download
game is very bad and no mods cant make it better.
This is great! And a lot of options for everything!
Just minor comments: the cockpit view brightness is still too bright (I think it is better than befor though) and the dashboard view is too dark in genreal. It depends on the car.
And the no blur menus seem not to work for me.

Good work!
Hi, I have disabled auto updates from epic launcher. I still have wrc 8 v.1.3.0. But game doesn`t start because I haven`t updated the game. Offline mode doesn`t work either. Can anyone help me?
Same here...We just need to wait I guess!
Doesnt work with WRC 8 ver. 1.4.1. Game crash. And i would like to try this mods. :(
Hi! My buddy have the mod, is super happy, but when i downloaded it im unable to start the game, it only shows a white screen for 5 seconds and then goes back to windows like ive never pressed the wrc8.exe. Ive tried several times but with the same result. any ideas?
Good morning and thanks again!
In the new WRC 8 update ... I think (1.4.0) ... the Mod (v.8.03) is not working .... I want to say that the installation was normal .... first original files (WRC8 ) ... then new Update ..... then MOD ....
I returned to (WRC8 v.1.3.0) from my own backups files and everything is fine!
Thank you very much .....SORRY... for my English language....
Maybe I'm looking too hard but for the life of me I can't find the installation directory for WRC 8 using the Epic launcher, can anyone point me in the right direction? Really looking forward to trying this.
AgentHeX 0007
AgentHeX 0007
C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games. This is for reviews, for support please post in the discussion forum
Thank you very much for one more time!!
Everything is amazing(v.8.02)especially in (Sim-PLUS+Physics)!!!!!....for me.
great job, thank you
Great job, so many tweak to a lazy devs game
Hi thank you very much again and Happy New Year!!!!
I don't know if you can put (WRC cars in Season mod) in the game selection. I believe it will be fantastic .... !!!!
Thank you very much .....SORRY... for my English language....
Great job, well done, keep it up! awesome ffb/physics and graphics mods . Thanks :)
Good mod but I have a problem with the exhaust pop sound.I don't hear pop sound interior cam although install choose C exhaust mod (%100 pop).
it's a very good work, makes this game more more interesting. Would be great to have a couple of more things, even in the mod install menu, if not in game...
Brake intensity (and handbrake too)
And the chance to change tires pressure (even fake, just to find a way to move muuuuch more the weight of the car especially when breaking or in the pendulum, or at least use different compounds from front and rear axle. and even ALL the compounds when we want,it,s up to me if I want to drive with gravel tires on asphalt. These things were possible on granturismo and also RalliSportChallenge back in the years.)
Would also be great to have a direct brutal gear change sounds, in the replays it sounds like if the clutch is gone and slippy
Anyway, a great work, thanks so much for this.
Thank you very much for one more time.
Everything is amazing!!!!
Great Mods and keep up the good work as it makes the game even more exciting being able to dial it to your own taste.
Thank you very much again.Everything is.....FANTASTIC!!!!!!
AgentHeX 0007
AgentHeX 0007
Glad your enjoying the mods :)
Super travail, heureusement qu'il y a des gens comme toi. J'imagine a peine le travail que ça doit demander. Bravo continu.
Excelente trabajo.Has hecho una gran mejora al juego.Felicitaciones.
very nice
Wonderful!!! Thank you very much.
Im unable to install this.
My Antivirus removes the installation file.
I'm a big fan of the mod V3 on strength 4,
which setting should I use for the same result with mod V4 ?
AgentHeX 0007
AgentHeX 0007
Sim-Cade A is based on v3, 4. i was going to include all previous versions in the installer but it would all be very cluttered in the menu. v.5 will be uploaded in the next hour ;)
[V4 version]
Man, the team who developped the game should hire you !
I've tried different surfaces and you can feel the weight of the car and the physics working.

On the ice and snow, it's amazing. On gravel, another type of control, same on tarmac.
Always adjusting the car and play with weight transfert.

I don't know what you did for the graphics, but it's absolutly fantastic !

Gamers who like sim (RBR), should defenitely try this MOD
AgentHeX 0007
AgentHeX 0007
Cheers, glad you like the mods :)
very good...the new very high settings transform the game.....I need a new GPU :)
AgentHeX 0007
AgentHeX 0007
Yeah it runs great on my 1080Ti. The main objective of the whole mod was to make the run game smoother, and bring out the details in the games assets. The default game simply looks washed out and the whole game is a blur.
First of all thanks for the great work.

Can you put one extra thing in the manual to backup? That is your UserSettings.cfg I went crazy because I went for your settings and the game was trying to start in a resolution that is not possible on my system and it was falling back into the default lowres. After deinstallation of the complete mod the game still starts in this lowres setting and there s nothing you can do but delete your settings and let the game make a new one.

Backing up this file is crucial. But also altering this file by hand to the resolution you want to use, because in game it is not possible to save your resolution anymore after applying the patch.
AgentHeX 0007
AgentHeX 0007
Thanks for the info, ill update it now. You could have selected install default UserSettings file option in my Mod installer, this installs the games default file at 1920x1080. Also you don't need to delete your settings, just open the file in a text editor and remove the lines with the screen resolution in them, save and start the game.
Amazing!!!!!!....Thank you so much again!!!!!
Lovely mod!
I really needed a camera adjustment mod. Thank you sooo much
hey can you explain the details between simcade and the full sim?
look good but the game wont start....its automaticly close!! help i install all the stuff and on the right folder...
I only applied the physics mod V3.
There are people who lower the note because he does not know how to install it, how unfortunate
when I run the .exe file does not want to install the mod because it does not find a game installation folder
AgentHeX 0007
AgentHeX 0007
You have to navigate to the game installation folder yourself because the game might be installed in a different location on each persons pc. The installer tells you to locate the WRC8 game folder, it is also stated in the instructions in the readme.txt that is included in the .rar file download here. Also this is the review page... please use the support forum if you are having problems...
Extremely well done. So far it's absolutely amazing. Incredibly intuitive without taking away the difficulty. If you come in too hot on a hairpin, you're still gonna take a ride down the mountain directly to the crash site, but the edges of the stages are no longer made of trampolines.

So good it makes me wonder why they coded it the way they did in the first place. I guess for challenge? Definitely not for realism. Anyone that's driven even a normal car on a dirt road knows you can get away with hitting a small rock or bump at 15mph without doing 7 flips...

I would 100% recommend this to anyone that wants to feel the car without arbitrary punishments. Back up your game folder and give this one a shot. You'll be glad you did.
AgentHeX 0007
AgentHeX 0007
Thanks for the review, glad you like the mods.
Many thanks
You sir/madam are an absolute genius!...I applaud you! ;)

What you have done is simply sublime and i have to say, the adjustments have made this title even a more pleasurable experience!

All i can say i a huge thankyou for this....and please keep up this fantastic work! AMAZING!!! AAA+
AgentHeX 0007
AgentHeX 0007
Many thanks, kind words. Glad you like it.
Hi ,After update can not extrat files error ,firts files have install i and game crasch