WRC 8 Mods

WRC 8 Mods 8.03

No permission to download
Comes with a custom installer so you can select which mods you want to use.
Different Mods can be selected at any time from a desktop shortcut. :thumbsup:

You can safely ignore any anti-virus warnings, its false, its the installer software I use.

I have been making mods here since 2013 with over 10,000 downloads.

Mods tested and working with game version 1.3.0

WRC8 2020-01-08 23-08-47.jpg


Physics Mods:

Effect of gravity on the car.
Adjusts the cars angular momentum.
Adjusts the cars angular damping.
Adjusts the cars tire friction.
Lowers the cars centre of gravity.
Higher off throttle engine braking.
Adjust damage rates.

Changing the gravity affects many characteristics of how the car handles, grips the surface, brakes, jumps, handles bumps, slides in turns, slides on the hand brake, wheel spins, crashes, spin offs etc.

You should now find you can cut corners and clip bumps without instantly flipping up the car, throw the car into corners and perform power slides better, use the gears and hand brake much more effectively to brake into corners and power through corners at speed sideways.

The idea behind the mods is that from watching WRC clips on YouTube and then watching the in game replays, In real life the cars have weight, suspension and tyres that keep the cars very much planted to the ground, something the game was not emulating very well. Just watch for example WRC 2019 Finland, Spain, Germany clips on YouTube.

As everybody's imagination of how the cars should behave is different I made multiple versions of the mods, to give various results.

Try them all out to see if you like any of them.

Physics Mod:
The Mod has 5 different versions:

Fast and fun handling.

The damage rate of the car is reduced.
The car will turn in / change direction faster.

More realistic than Arcade.

Close to default game but has some mods.

A more challenging simulation.

Listening to the co-driver, left foot braking
and using the hand brake are a must.
Use in combination with Impact Physics Mod Sim-PLUS++ for a real challenge

The Mods apply to all cars in the game.
The Main Mods have 3 settings, A, B, C
A = most grip to C = least grip.

All physics mods will also make steering wheel force feedback feel much nicer
Physics Mod - Arcade, Sim-Cade, Sim-PLUS, Sim-PLUS+
⦁ Adjusts Main Gravity
⦁ Adjusts Tyre Friction
⦁ Adjusts Angular Momentum
⦁ Adjusts Angular Damping
⦁ Adjusts Centre of Gravity
⦁ Lower centre of gravity for all cars
⦁ Higher off throttle engine braking
⦁ Centre of gravity moved forward for front engine cars

Physics Mod - Default-PLUS (Recommended if you play with damage on)
⦁ Default Main Gravity
⦁ Adjusts Tyre Friction
⦁ Adjusts Angular Momentum
⦁ Adjusts Angular Damping
⦁ Adjusts Centre of Gravity
⦁ Lower centre of gravity for all cars
⦁ Higher off throttle engine braking
⦁ Centre of gravity moved forward for front engine cars

Physics Mod Fun: Super Arcade Mod:
⦁ High Gravity
⦁ High Tire Friction

Physics Mod Fun: CrAzY mOd 1 & 2
⦁ High Gravity
⦁ High Tire Friction
⦁ High Speed
⦁ Instant Gear Shift

Impact Physics Mod:

⦁ Sim-PLUS++ Highest
⦁ Sim-PLUS+ Higher
⦁ Sim-PLUS High

Barriers, Armco, Walls, Fences, Hay Bales Signs, Ditches etc. will now affect the car much more than the default game. Crash physics are much stronger and dynamics are more realistic.

⦁ Novice

Barriers, Armco, Walls, Fences, Hay Bales Signs etc. will now not slow down the car down as much as the default game and will not grab the car and drag it to a standstill as often. During crashes the car will slide more and take longer to come to a stop. Crashing into the terrain and running wide across bumpy terrain should not buck the up car up into the air as much as default.
Force Feedback Mods:
⦁ Enables engine RPM vibrations.
⦁ Increase the strength of the gear shift force.
⦁ Reduces tyre slip vibrations.
⦁ Reduces damaged car vibrations.
⦁ Reduces engine over rev vibrations.
⦁ Reduces self centre force.

Then go in game and set all force feedback settings to 100 and adjust from there.

The strength of the engine RPM vibrations can be adjusted in the games controller vibrations settings page under "Engine" setting.
Damage Mod:
The cars will now get more visual damage, dents, scratches etc.
Expanded Camera Adjustment Mod:
Installs a modified camera settings file.
Provides extended in game camera adjustment.
Camera Tweaks Mod:
Enables in game dynamic field of view for in car views.
When enabled the field of view when the car is stopped is 80 and at full speed is 110.
This enhances the illusion of speed. The effect can be turned on/off in game settings
Removes the effect of the camera shaking when you hit an object.
The last mod will also install some experimental in game cameras I've been working on.

⦁ Remove Impact Shake
⦁ Enable Dynamic FOV
⦁ Remove Impact Shake + Enable Dynamic FOV
⦁ Remove Impact Shake + Enable Dynamic FOV + Experimental Cams

Vehicle Lighting Mod:
Allows you to adjust the intensity of the cars front spotlights.

There are 5 levels for the front spotlights.

The lower settings 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 make night stages more natural looking and also reduce bloom effects (if you have bloom set to on)

All Mods also boost the brightness of the cars headlights
Change the headlight bulbs to 6500K
Adjust the brake light intensity and spread
Increase the brake disk glow.
Exhaust Mod:
3 Versions.

⦁ Exhaust pops active higher in the rev range
⦁ %60 chance of pop occurring
⦁ More pops each time up to a maximum of 6
⦁ Larger flames

⦁ Exhaust pops active higher in the rev range
⦁ %80 chance of pop occurring
⦁ More pops each time up to a maximum of 10
⦁ Larger flames

⦁ Exhaust pops active higher in the rev range
⦁ %100 chance of pop occurring
⦁ More pops each time up to a maximum of 15
⦁ Pops biased to gear downshifts
⦁ Larger flames
Lens Flare Mod:
Removes all lens flare effects. Great for evening stages.
Snow Dirt Mod:
This Mod will change the textures that are applied to the car during snow stages so that the car does not look like it has been in a deep freezer by the end of a stage.

There are 3 versions.
The Mod changes the snow dirt textures applied to the:

⦁ Windscreen
⦁ Car Body
⦁ Car Lights
⦁ Car Wheels
⦁ Car Tires

Windscreen Mod:
Fixes the over bright in car camera views.
Windscreen dirt and mud build up is now controllable.
There are 5 settings from no windscreen dirt to full rally mode.
All mods will now make the cracked windscreen effect more subtle

Real Rain Mod:
Adds a more realistic rain effect to the windscreen, bonnet / hood and the cars surface.
Rain drops are much finer with more rain drops on the front windscreen, side windows.
Removes the strange orange peel effect on the car to give a nice clean environment reflection in the cars paintwork.

Rain drops are much finer with more rain drops on the cars bonnet / hood and body.
All surfaces of the car will now look smoother.

Mods the falling rain in the environment to be much finer and more transparent.
Changes the length of the rain drop so that they don't look so much like shooting stars falling.

Mods the falling snow in the environment to fall slower and smoother, be more dense and have smaller snow flakes.

Water Drops Mod:
Mods the fake water drops effect that covers the screen in bumper, bonnet, chase cam views and in replays and stage intros.

2 options:
Replace with finer more subtle screen water drops
Remove the water drops completely

Surface Reflections Mod:
Reduces the brightness of the wet ground reflections and mods all the surface details and on every stage.

This reduces a lot of the shimmering seen on the road surface ahead of you on wet stages. The wet surface will now look a lot more detailed with nicer reflections.

You will now be able to see more of surface details on wet stages. Soaking wet patches, dry patches, puddles, wet asphalt repair patches, tire tracks, pot holes, flooded areas, etc.

Particles Mod:

This Mod will make all particle effects in the game more transparent.
This will make many effects in the game look more natural and less cartoon like.

Road side coloured smoke flares
Water spray effects from the cars wheels
Water splash effects from puddles
Dust effects from the cars wheels

All mods will make impact sparks finer
3 settings for transparency levels
Bloom Control Mod:
Lowers the intensity of the bloom effect and fake camera lens smudges
when bright light shines at your view.

5 selectable levels
World Lighting Mod:
This mod adjusts the world lighting, enhances shadows, enhances lighting applied to trees and grass (including the cars spotlights)

The result is the world will look more natural, shadows and occlusion will look more detailed. colours and shading will look more natural, texture surfaces will show more detail.
Graphics Blur / Smoothing Mod:
Mods the strength of the game engine blur / smoothing shader.

3 selectable levels:

Off - No filtering:
Turns off the filtering for a clean sharp image.

Higher than default, adds extra blur / smoothing to all graphics

Higher than default, adds extra blur / smoothing to all graphics
Depth Of Field Fix:
Fixes the games built in depth of field effect to look much cleaner.

Use this in combination with my Post Process Mod for much nicer DOF

⦁ Shadow Blend Mod:

This will mod the spawn / blend distance of
ground shadows for less noticeable pop in.

⦁ 60hz lock mode:
Option to lock the rendering to 60Hz

⦁ Darker and more transparent HUD:
Mods the game menus to look a little nicer
HUD Mod:
Custom in game HUD and gauges

⦁ Progress bar
⦁ Speedo
⦁ Speedo needle
⦁ Turbo gauge
⦁ Timer
⦁ Damage meter
⦁ HUD components are more transparent
⦁ Changed colours
⦁ Changed over rev effect on RPM gauge
⦁ More transparent replay controls
⦁ Removes the "Skip" button from the stage intros

Coloured Smoke Flares Mod:
Swaps the coloured smoke flares for other effects from the game.
Coloured light is still emitted into the environment.


Hide the coloured smoke flares
Swap them for camp fires
Swap them for confetti
Swap them for fire works

Swap them for coloured chimney smoke

Fireworks are great fun at night :D
Higher Quality Graphics Mod:
Installs a modified graphics preset file.
Takes effect when using the Very High Graphics Preset in game.

Enhances the following:-

⦁ Shadow quality.
⦁ Particles quality.
⦁ Terrain quality.
⦁ Vegetation quality.
⦁ Spawn distance of objects.
⦁ Anisotropic quality.
⦁ Adds very high in game setting for sharpen.
⦁ Adds very high in game setting for motion blur.

Takes effect the 2nd time you start the game.
Post Process Mod:
Higher quality depth of field and god rays.
Games default is 0.5x

⦁ 1.0x Scale
⦁ 1.5x Scale
⦁ 2.0x Scale

Menu Animations Mod:
This Mod will remove some menu animations making menu navigation faster.
Remove WRC 8 Logos Mod:
This Mod will remove the WRC 8 Logo from replays etc.
No Intro Movies Mod:
This Mod will replace the games intro movie files with dummy files so that the game will start up faster.
Modified User Settings File Mod:
⦁ Disables RGB Shift (Chromatic aberration)
⦁ Disables background blur when in menus. (Blur slows the menu down)
⦁ Disables Dynamic Resolution (For 1:1 graphics quality)
⦁ Modifies various graphics settings
⦁ Enhanced motion blur
⦁ Remove Sun Rays \ God Rays

There are 8 versions:
Enhanced motion blur gives a much smoother blur, looks great in replays.
ReShade and My WRC8 Presets:
This will install ReShade 4, Shaders and my WRC8 presets.

Once in game press:-
⦁ F10 to Reload Shaders.
⦁ F11 to enter the ReShade GUI.
⦁ F12 to enable / disable ReShade.

When using my ReShade presets set the in game settings to:
⦁ Anti-Aliasing FXAA & TAA ON
⦁ Colour Grading ON
⦁ Sharpen OFF

Cheat Mods:
⦁ No Damage Mod:

⦁ Car will not break no matter which difficulty setting you choose in game.
(NOTE: If you use this mod you will need to re-select it each time you change physics)

⦁ Repairs Are Free Mod:
⦁ Repairs to your car will cost 0 and use no time.
When the graphics mods are first installed and you enter the graphics settings menu in game you will see many of the settings show "Customised" this means the setting has been enhanced by the mod.

If you change any of these settings you will not be able return to the enhanced setting unless you reinstall the user settings mod and graphics mod. The "Very High" graphics preset now also uses more enhanced graphics settings over standard.

And remember:

Always play the game at 60Hz Standard V-Sync on for the games physics and graphics engine to work correctly.

Thanks to icebob2016 for the great videos :thumbsup:

David Rodriguez :thumbsup:

Wet Night Stage: No Mods


Wet Night Stage: Hud Mod, Lighting Mod, Water Drops Mod, Lens Dirt Mod

Some screen shots with Mods On:
WRC8 2019-10-30 14-18-54-hd.jpg

WRC8 2019-10-21 21-19-43.jpg

WRC8 2019-12-02 00-19-09.jpg

WRC8 2019-12-01 14-57-26.jpg

WRC8 2019-12-07 03-43-27.jpg

WRC8 2019-12-05 21-10-49.jpg

WRC8 2019-11-20 06-50-00.jpg

WRC8 2019-11-20 06-48-09.jpg

WRC8 2019-12-08 22-34-11.jpg

WRC8 2019-11-19 07-08-55.jpg

WRC8 2019-11-19 22-59-21.jpg

WRC8 2019-11-20 01-05-59.jpg
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game is very bad and no mods cant make it better.
This is great! And a lot of options for everything!
Just minor comments: the cockpit view brightness is still too bright (I think it is better than befor though) and the dashboard view is too dark in genreal. It depends on the car.
And the no blur menus seem not to work for me.

Good work!
Hi, I have disabled auto updates from epic launcher. I still have wrc 8 v.1.3.0. But game doesn`t start because I haven`t updated the game. Offline mode doesn`t work either. Can anyone help me?
Same here...We just need to wait I guess!
Doesnt work with WRC 8 ver. 1.4.1. Game crash. And i would like to try this mods. :(
Hi! My buddy have the mod, is super happy, but when i downloaded it im unable to start the game, it only shows a white screen for 5 seconds and then goes back to windows like ive never pressed the wrc8.exe. Ive tried several times but with the same result. any ideas?
Good morning and thanks again!
In the new WRC 8 update ... I think (1.4.0) ... the Mod (v.8.03) is not working .... I want to say that the installation was normal .... first original files (WRC8 ) ... then new Update ..... then MOD ....
I returned to (WRC8 v.1.3.0) from my own backups files and everything is fine!
Thank you very much .....SORRY... for my English language....
Maybe I'm looking too hard but for the life of me I can't find the installation directory for WRC 8 using the Epic launcher, can anyone point me in the right direction? Really looking forward to trying this.
AgentHeX 0007
AgentHeX 0007
C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games. This is for reviews, for support please post in the discussion forum
Thank you very much for one more time!!
Everything is amazing(v.8.02)especially in (Sim-PLUS+Physics)!!!!!....for me.
great job, thank you
Great job, so many tweak to a lazy devs game
Hi thank you very much again and Happy New Year!!!!
I don't know if you can put (WRC cars in Season mod) in the game selection. I believe it will be fantastic .... !!!!
Thank you very much .....SORRY... for my English language....
Great job, well done, keep it up! awesome ffb/physics and graphics mods . Thanks :)
Good mod but I have a problem with the exhaust pop sound.I don't hear pop sound interior cam although install choose C exhaust mod (%100 pop).
it's a very good work, makes this game more more interesting. Would be great to have a couple of more things, even in the mod install menu, if not in game...
Brake intensity (and handbrake too)
And the chance to change tires pressure (even fake, just to find a way to move muuuuch more the weight of the car especially when breaking or in the pendulum, or at least use different compounds from front and rear axle. and even ALL the compounds when we want,it,s up to me if I want to drive with gravel tires on asphalt. These things were possible on granturismo and also RalliSportChallenge back in the years.)
Would also be great to have a direct brutal gear change sounds, in the replays it sounds like if the clutch is gone and slippy
Anyway, a great work, thanks so much for this.
Thank you very much for one more time.
Everything is amazing!!!!
Great Mods and keep up the good work as it makes the game even more exciting being able to dial it to your own taste.
Thank you very much again.Everything is.....FANTASTIC!!!!!!
AgentHeX 0007
AgentHeX 0007
Glad your enjoying the mods :)
Super travail, heureusement qu'il y a des gens comme toi. J'imagine a peine le travail que ça doit demander. Bravo continu.