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Winter Nords mod + Sliding Ice Asphalt

Winter Nords mod + Sliding Ice Asphalt 1.1

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iyi güzelde bu modu nasıl yapılır onu anlamadım bi yardımcı olurmusunuz rica etsem
for some reason the grass goes all rainbow (here https://gyazo.com/f897b9597ce4d3d49c81af1dcb1b4e83 ) why is this happening?
It's amazing, but forgot to take out the original track, so how do i get it back to normal?
Thank you so much for this. It's very enjoyable. It's also so beneficial for beginners who want to learn the physics of sliding :D
very interesting
Thank you
Excellent Mod !
Here i made a video with it : https://youtu.be/L7YNLxRwgYQ
excellent mod guys but only one question if I put it just in the default folder it work fine without JSGME but when I create a folder in side the cm_skins folder it does not work can someone explain this please????
Is there a way of keeping both the winter/sliding mod AND the default assetto corsa's nordschleife?
I just hate that i need to quit game, open mod installer, install the mod, and load up the game again to play.
Great mod.
I've just raised the friction (personal taste) inspired by the wet mod...
Can't add anything that's already been said here.
An absolute must-have. Thanks.
Any goodl word is welcome ;) Thanks
This work is fantastic. You sir, are an artist.

I am a patron of the arts. Donated.
Thanks mate! :D (sorry for delay)
Absolutely fanstastic!
I really love your work!
Like the Autumn Nords your winter adaptation of the "Green Hell" shows tremendous love for detail.
I made three different comparison videos of all three adaptations (summer, autumn, winter).
I hope you don't mind me posting it here:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVvxGRz6n88 (TV cam comparison on three screens)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1CKLih-cYQ (see how the track is changing seasons)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqKcSPN5kz8 (Cockpit cam comparison on three screens)

(If you want me to remove my links please let me know.)
Without words :D

Thanks for the videos. I love the 3in1 comparison videos ;)

I don't mind at all. On the contrary, I am very grateful :D
Great work its pretty funny but I messed up :D i copy paste the files manualy and now i dont know how to remove the mod again =( someone can help ?

Just delete Skins folder into Nordschleife folder.
Gracias tio! ;)
Thanks mate :D
Love it, great job.
For some reason, when the second one is added (does not matter which one is second added) i get a message "Enabling this mod may have adverse effects on your game", anyways here are some pics
nice screenshots :D

ignore the message, is only a warning about some textures, but no problem.
Amazing work! With the new Quattro S1 and Oculus Rift a amazing experience! https://youtu.be/I-COgnopn-E
Thanks for the video! Awesome! I like it :D
Impresionante, espectacular.
Gracias :D
very cool idea. Tryed few minutes Ago with Panamera Turbo... worth a challenge on ice / snow.. Nice. Big Thx 2 u
Good combi :)

Youre welcome ;)