1. TheNuvolari

    Dry Winter skin for Tsukuba by DDM 1.0

    With the permission of @dj_amur In the last couple of days I started to watch Attack Maximum Challenge videos, hotlaps with time attack cars around Tsukuba and I was surprised no one made a winter-style skin for this track so I made one myself! Pictures: PP filter used: Immersive...
  2. AKF_FPV

    Driftplayground 2021 Winter Forest v3

    Driftplayground 2021 Winter Forest THEME DriftPlayground by: PJ Edulian Assetto Corsa conversion by : AKF Modified by : AKF/Cynicxl Retextured by : AKF/Project Kaido Features: - Forested theme - Lights - WINTER (ice road) WARNING! CUSTOM SHADERS PATCH 0.1.75 RECOMENDED
  3. peg306

    Mitsubishi Space Star R5 Jonna Brådhe 1.0

    Car: Mitsubishi Space Star R5 Team: Rallyjonna Driver: Jonna Brådhe (SWE) Codriver: Annie Hellstadius (SWE) Rally: Rally Vännäs 2020 Vehicle Class: R5 Donations are never required, but always appreciated! :) To install copy and paste the "mr5" folder inside ...\steamapps\common\DiRT Rally...
  4. Assetto Corsa WINTER Mod | Deems Winter Track Pack Snow Edition

    Assetto Corsa WINTER Mod | Deems Winter Track Pack Snow Edition

    Wann wird es in Assetto Corsa eigentlich Winter? Na mit dieser Mod! Heute stelle ich euch Deems Winter Track Pack vor, mit dem eure Strecken in Schnee eintauchen! Getestet wird die Mod in VR auf Spa, um herauszufinden ob tatsächlich der Winter in Assetto Corsa Einzug erhält!
  5. 4 Seasons Guide in Assetto Corsa | AC Jahrezeiten Tutorial

    4 Seasons Guide in Assetto Corsa | AC Jahrezeiten Tutorial

    Frühling, Sommer, Herbst und Winter: Assetto Corsa hat sie alle! Durch den Custom Shaders Patch sind alle 4 Seasons an Bord und lassen sich ganz einfach einstellen. Wie ihr die Jahreszeiten manipuliert, wie sie aussehen und wie man sie komplett aus Assetto Corsa entfernen kann, erfahrt ihr im heutig
  6. Niko_1599

    Niko's Realistic 2020 Database 1.3.1 (Final)

    Niko's Realistic 2020 Database 1.3.1 (Final) YOU NEED TO DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL SKYFALL F1 2020 SEASON MOD BEFORE INSTALLING THIS DATABASE MOD. Hey guys! Here I bring you the first version of this database after having some real life racing YEY! I'm sorry for taking so long, but covid, uni and...
  7. shadow118

    Bikernieki Winter Skin 1.01

    Winter skin for Bikernieki race track by martinsh
  8. deem

    Deems Winter Trees (Trees only) 1.0

    Deems Winter Trees for Sol & WeatherFX. This mode enables you to use the wetherfx shaders seasons but have bare trees for winter. This does not include any other winter skins - trees only. With the exception of winter spectators and replaces Kunos ads with real ads in most instances. Trees are...
  9. deem

    Deems Winter Track Pack 1.7

    NOW COMPATIBLE WITH SOL/WEATHERFX Please note - installation has changed slightly. For best results use with, Peter Boese Sol and x4fab dynamic lights shaders patch. INSTALLATION Copy the extracted 'content' folder into you main Assetto Corsa folder. If prompted to do so, select ‘Replace...
  10. deem

    Winter Brands Hatch 0.3

    THIS RESOURCE WILL NO LONGER BE UPDATED. FOR UPDATES PLEASE SEE MY TRACK PACK: Full list of track packs Summer Track Pack Monza Imola Brands Hatch Red Bull Ring Silverstone Mugello Nurburgring Magione Donington...
  11. Popsu

    Tor Wyrazów 1.0

    Tor Wyrazów is a small kart track located in Poland, that was used in 2000's mostly by drifters. The track is now closed. I used some textures from Tor Poznań track mod. Check it out. Awesome work, great mod. I am not working on this track right now and i don't want it to go to waste, that's...
  12. Bernd Graf

    WINTER season for Assetto Corsa tracks 0.1

    We've had the green of summer for all AC tracks since 2014...then Joshkerr brought us the autumn, get ready for a third season--Winter! Yes friends, and it's not that bizarre snow-type appearance. This is based on the kind of weather common in Europe Feb - April. I plan to...
  13. budzilla

    My Winter Car - Budz Edition 1.1.4

    (More screenshots in download) In preparation for the winter season I've retextured the game to be a little bit more festive. There is already a couple of mods like this out there but they are very outdated with either missing or poor textures, or due to game updates the files are in the wrong...
  14. Chrome

    [Texture Pack] My Winter Car by Smonk 1.0

    I reupload the package made by Smonk because the original files dont't work with new versions. I extract the textures to you import into your game using my tool: Texture Pack Importer: ORIGINAL MOD: In this way, the package works in...
  15. darkyjoe

    Winter Nords mod + Sliding Ice Asphalt 1.1

    Trailer Winter Nords Change 90% of textures on the Nordschleife track to give a snowy atmosphere. It includes changes in vegetation, asphalt, fences, posters, structures, buildings, vehicles, marshalls and much more ... It also includes the option of making changes in the traction and grip...
  16. smonk

    My Winter Car 1.5

    DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE!!!! adds snow, snowy textures, snowy trees, etc... winter might make a festive version if any1 asks lol Install: Use unity asset explorer to import the new .dds files or drop in the sharedassets(1,2).assets more screens in .zip KNOWN ISSUES: snow reflections=low visibility...
  17. S

    Trento Bondone Christmas/Winter 1.1

    This is only a Texture pack, it use the original Texture map from Kunos, so I can't do anything about the repetitive textures. Also, It include a sliding grip configuration to make it more realistic (and funnier! :D ). Please, rate the mod and give us your comment to improve this mod. I used...