Winfield BMW e30 1.4

A tribute to the 80's 90's Winfield BMW racing

  1. RowanZa
    South Africa never received the e30 M3 so we made our own, in the guise of the e30-325is and the mighty 3-series 333i with a 7 series lump under the hood

    this skin can be used with the gra or dtm versions of the bmw_m3_e30
    IMG_9895.jpg IMG_9975.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Seria17hri11er
    Version: 1.3
    Looks great. Just update description to say it's not meant to be a perfect replica; then you wont get trolls :) Thanks again!
    Version: 1.2
    2/5 If you are going to replicate a skin , you ought to try and make it fairly similar .. there is a load of stuff missing / wrong with this ... and its not exactly a hard livery ... sorry ... but this needs some work !!
    1. RowanZa
      Author's Response
      this car came out in many iterations and combinations of sponsership, i wasn't intending to make an exact replica of the car as in the uploaded pictures, more just a general tribute skin. i'ts difficult to find high res media to replicate exactly and many of the sponsors logos don't exist anymore or have changed over the years - sorry to disappoint so much!!