Windshield match Wipers [texture] 1.2

Better Glass texture [cleaner glass]

  1. Nameless
    Windows replacement. For more accurate view, according wipers movement.

    Two types of texture - Clean (not completely) and dirty windows.

    Updated for Texture pack importer tool installation

    put in "sharedassets1\Textures" folder
    "black dots border" version not included

    replace in sharedassets1.assets file with Unity Assets Explorer.

    mysummercar_2017_04_17_13_41_44_613.jpg mysummercar_2017_04_17_13_38_53_325.jpg

    Also another version glass with "black dots" border:

    windows_pbr.tex.jpg windows_pbr.tex_dirt.jpg windows_pbr.tex_new-border_clean.jpg
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