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Willow Springs Raceway 1.1

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Willow Springs Raceway
By: Andy55/Bud Lucas

Converted from rFactor
aspec7878: remodeled and retextured
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Latest updates

  1. 1.1

    -change scale for more realism

Latest reviews

I'll start by saying that unless you've raced at Willow in real life, you have no idea how unfinished and bare the real circuit is. It happens to be my home circuit and I've raced everything from Superkarts & Formula Atlantic to Trans-Am and GT3 there over the course of 25 yrs. With that said, this is an unfinished version missing even the most basic elements of the real circuit. The width is fine as it's a super wide track in most places, but the lack of braking zone markers, grid spots, pit crew, fans & environmental elements make it worse than it should be. Unfortunately the author is notorious for not finishing his/her work to completion so it is what it is. If you're looking for Willow Springs grab it just to have it, but it's not impressive in the least.
Its decent enough but it does need an update
Just crap.
its just bad
This is a waste of time if you're looking for a Willow Springs worth driving in AC. The track is incredibly wide, and is a conversion of a conversion. This track was first made for NR2003 in the year 2004, then converted in 2007 for rFactor. This is a track made for a 10 year old stock car simulator, and it shows. The elevation changes are hardly accurate, the kerbs are entirely flat and serve only as a visual aid for where the end of the track is, and the road surface is bumpier than it has any reason being in 2015. If you're in desperate need of WSR in AC, go ahead with low expectations. Otherwise, you're better off looking for a track that doesn't feel and look like crap.
great track but thanks for the effort but it should be scaled down as willow springs is not this vast
Thanks for your work.
Thanks for the work. Very smooth and fast. Looking forward to you updates.
Really poor work. This is not even close to a 1.0 version. Maybe you should try to get one done for a change.
Thank you for doing this. It's muchos appreciated! Hope we'll see more in the future. :)
thanks for your work, it would be nice to have ai.
Great track , but so annoying that you are releasing track after track , without actually finishing one to the standards of AC ingame tracks , no replay cameras no pit crew , no track speed markers really minimal tracks that are just bear ,
Why not extract AC track , and take out the pitcrew , track markers , and pit lane , tires and ac_crew logo board ,
they will have no issues with these things as its going back into the game , but the AC crew , tires , and pit crew , is a must have , also the break markers from 150-100-50 meters is also a must have ,
you will loose interest soon and these tracks will never get finished , please just make 1 complete track!!!
Nice fast track ! Thanks You!
But I'm really not a fan of inferior 1/2 UNFINISHED Early Access SIMS that allow for such excellent user made content like this, but dose not allow for use of A.I opponents. This inferior SIM dose not yet set the user friendly quality standards worthy of even having a modding community represent it.
Awesome track. Thanks man :D
We can never have enough tracks ^_^
Sorry, but I'm not a fan of converting 1/4 finished tracks from an inferior game into a quality sim. Doesn't represent the standards the AC modding community should set.
Nice one Thanks
Very nice track, thanks aspec
More Pits Please!!!
Great work , thanks
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