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Eastern Creek Raceway 0.91

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New track
New sky !!!! (this is NOT a separate mod)
24 pitboxes
No bumpy....
- No AI and No cameras (I hope for your help guys)

Original autor MR_INGALL
Conversion in AC and retextured: aspec7878

Latest updates

  1. fix friction

    friction 0.99

Latest reviews

Wonderful track, bummer there are no hotlap splits.
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Love it!
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Good work Thanks
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Great track .thank you .
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Awesome work, this is one of my home tracks as well so hopefully this gives me a bit of practice :-)
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Yes finally an Aussie track I can race on! Feels like home :)
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Track looks very good, but is a version with default sky possible? I prefer to use my own sky mod.
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just did a few laps with the abarth 500. just awesome work. i've been waiting for eastern creek!!! thank you!!
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Reminds me a lot of fun in TOCA Race Driver. Thanks for bringing it to AC, especially in such good quality. In the top 3 of modded tracks, imo. :)
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thanks for improvments
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Thank you for revisiting and improving on your previous work.
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Very good sense of depth. awaiting the AI.Merci for your great work
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Nice one :)
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File size
57.6 MB
First release
Last update
4.43 star(s) 14 ratings

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