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Williams Rothmans FW16 mod 2017-01-02

Williams fw16 skin

  1. harry molland
    Williams fw16 mod this is the best i could do so far (note! glitchy parts will be upgraded for next version)
    the low quality stripes on the sidepods i can do nothing about as the mapping for it was incredibly small and hard to find i will try for the next version. 20170102152502_1.jpg


    1. 20170102152514_1.jpg
    2. 20170102152646_1.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Christiceman
    Version: 2017-01-02
    good job nice to see someone improve on my little fun limited challenge
  2. Giovaneveterano
    Version: 2017-01-02
    What a piece of art
    This livery is terrific
    Version: 2017-01-02
    Muy bueno el mod , la pena es que el logo de reanult salga al reves , en cambio el de segafredo sale bien. Pero felicidades por el trabajo
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