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Williams Martini Racing Real Sponsors and Colors 1.1

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Real sponsor, real colors and stripes for Williams FW36. With skin mod for the car, driver and helmet. I added on the rear wing endplate the label of backing to the driver Jules Bianchi who is hospitalized in critical condition.

I hope you enjoy!
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Latest updates

  1. Small improvements

    Small improvements, adding new logos and finally jumpsuit with logo and colors Martini. :)

Latest reviews

the martini in the left side is completely mirrored lol :D
The one who solve the mirror problem wins, nice one, keep trying!
Isn't this skin taken from here :( Seems it to me, giving it one star for this. Nothing changes from that, and even here there's the mirrored part and the jules logo. If it's not the same, then i apologize and i'll remove this review.
Alex Werner
Alex Werner
Not the same! Look at the blue lines, are more lifelike color. This is my first mod posted here, unfortunately I couldn't be the first to post this mod, but I did my part.