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Dark McLaren Fix Mod 1.0

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I'm really disappointed with this game, there are many failures. I was terrified with of this painting MP4-29, looks more like graffiti than a silver car. I tried to do the actual painting with the black sidepods and the SAP logo, but problems with mirroring it unfeasible. It was what I could do. I hope you enjoy!

F1_2014 2014-10-18 03-50-09-652.jpg

F1_2014 2014-10-18 06-26-23-636.jpg

More pics:
  • F1_2014 2014-10-18 03-47-50-074.jpg
    F1_2014 2014-10-18 03-47-50-074.jpg
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  • F1_2014 2014-10-18 06-20-26-920.jpg
    F1_2014 2014-10-18 06-20-26-920.jpg
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  • F1_2014 2014-10-18 03-47-00-123.jpg
    F1_2014 2014-10-18 03-47-00-123.jpg
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  • F1_2014 2014-10-18 06-23-59-010.jpg
    F1_2014 2014-10-18 06-23-59-010.jpg
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Works fantastically and looks great, thanks!
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Nice! Can you remove the MP4-29 logo from the sides and put the Esso one? Or Mobil, or whatever you want! ;)
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Just copy and paste the "mc2" mclaren from 2013-14 and use that car and livery )
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Good thx! :)
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Thanks man!
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Fantastic!!Am disappointed too so much fails!!!
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Wonderful thx very much great work
Alex Werner
Alex Werner
You're welcome! Any problems, let me know!

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Alex Werner
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