Williams FW26 Late Season (F1 2004)

Williams FW26 Late Season (F1 2004) 1.1

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Hi Guys! :D

Here for you even the Williams FW26 Late Season!

Enjoy and have fun!

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MSF Italian Modding Team
  • InGame-Importing Process: babbu babbu
  • 3D model: babbu babbu
  • Physics: the engineer
  • Sounds: corfix
  • Skins and Texture: alesanchez
  • Helmet skins: alesanchez
  • Gloves skins: simontek27 - alesanchez
  • Wheel Display Graphics: simontek27
  • 3D Helmet: jvinu2000
  • Video and renders: ddntube

    p.s. for the proper functioning of the two skins, please remove the following file from both the skins folder:

    FW26_tcam.dds --> Mont
    internal.dds --> Schu
    wcarbody_top_MASK.dds --> Schu
    wccarbody_mapB.dds --> Mont

    and visit the support section.
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One of the best f1 mods i have driven in Ac ..Simply brilliant
Oh my GOD! This is The BEST F1 mod!!! Man,please create all cars of 2004 season,or other season! Best work ever!
Great F1 car and mod!
Best Free F1 Mod no doubt
So Much Fun to Drive
Unbelievably Fast as well
Gracias y gran trabajo ¡¡¡¡¡
Awesome work ...Thank you
This is a great car, fantastic to drive and that noise.....spot on. awesome work
Very well made!
Top work. Thanks!
Wow i am blown away this car out the box handles great a very fun car to drive nice thank you will donate
Top Notch
My favourite F1 car in Assetto Corsa. Seems to be the fastest too.
Amazing ty, people like @jam316 in comments below is a disgrace to the community
This is F1 very loud and very fast.
hi this mod wont load in game it crashes says driver model is missing in content manager how do i fix this plz help any 1
MSF è una garanzia! ottimo lavoro, perfetto!!!!!
This is very good
Very good quality with no bugs found. Thanks for your work
nice job
fantastic !!
The FW24 has been my favorite of this era of F1 for a while, and this lives up to it! Well done!
simply amazing
Best F1 car in AC. You can actually slide it just a bit. So much fun!
amazing - absolute amazing guys!
Thank you so much, great job!
III like it. Great job!
Nirvana inside, thank you so much !!! <3