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Watkins Glen International 1.0

The Glen

  1. The Glen

    This track uses a custom shader by @Stereo. Because of this the the archive folder structure is different than previous versions. If you use Content Manager then you can just install it like any other mod. If you do not use Content manager make sure you copy the 3 folders shown here to the main assettocorsa folder.

    If the game crashes when...
  2. The Glen

    Here is v0.9 of Watkins Glen. There are still a few minor things I want to add but it is the busiest time of year for me so I figured I would put out a 0.9 until things slow down a bit. plus I need a little break from this.

    There are way too many things to list as far as changes but I will point out the main ones.
    • Track grip is a bit higher now from .99 to 1.01.
    • Barricades added to bus stop cut as shown at previous IMSA race. Also the cut surface slows you down some. So...
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