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Warm Daylight - ReShade preset 2.0

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Ever since someone mentioned R3E having a blue-ish tint in a forum comment, I couldn't unsee it. Indeed, the white balance in R3E can be a bit too cold for the weather and time of day it's trying to convey. I tried to remedy that - couldn't get SweetFX to work, but finally succeeded with ReShade.

The effect of the preset is quite subtle. I've tried to match the white balance I usually go with when I process my photos taken on a sunny day. It's not meant to completely change the look of the game or introduce any wacky effects. All it does is make the image a bit warmer. The only other thing it does is I deepened the shadows very slightly to up the contrast a bit with as little crushing of the blacks as possible.

The installation is fairly straightforward.

You have to download ReShade at https://reshade.me/

Run it (you might need to run it as administrator). It will present a dialog with a big button to select the game. Click the button and point the installation wizard to where your R3E is installed - you're looking for the location of the RRRE.exe file (unless you've changed it, it will be where your Steam is installed under "Steam/SteamApps/common/raceroom racing experience/Game"). Select the RRRE.exe file. You'll be presented with API selection - choose DirectX 9 as R3E is a DX9 game. You'll then be asked if you want to download the standard effects - you do. You should then be presented with a dialog to choose which shaders do you want to install. If you only want to use my preset, you can safely uncheck everything EXCEPT Curves, Tonemap and Sepia - these are the only three we need here. The installation should be finished now.

All you have to do now is to extract the .ini file from the .zip file you download here and put it to the same folder where RRRE.exe is.

When you now start R3E, you should see a grey strip at the top of the screen with some ReShade information, so you have a confirmation ReShade is indeed being used. It should also pick up the .ini file on its own and enable it. You can try switching it on and off by pressing Shift+F3 repeatedly. If you can't see any changes, pressing Shift+F2 will open the main ReShade menu and you can select the active .ini there, as well as change many other settings.

Like I've mentioned, the effect is fairly subtle. It's most visible on the R3E interface as it's bright white, so it becomes kinda yellowish-pinkish (which is kinda weird, yes ;) ). But once you're in the game, it just gives everything a bit of a warmer tint I find more lifelike. Some comparison screenshots:



You can also find quite a few more before and after screenshots in my gallery.

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    Not sure if I should call this an update, because I basically made it from scratch without any...

Latest reviews

Refreshes the graphics of R3E very well and looks much more realistic.
I'm honestly quite surprised it is even relevant still. The game has undergone several slight tweaks and is more warmer looking that it was when I made this, so I don't really feel the need to use it anymore. But I'm glad if someone still finds some use for this, cheers.
It seems it does not work anymore.. Could you Check please?
I know there were some compatibility issues between ReShade and 64bit Raceroom. I will see if and how it works with the current version, but I obviously can't do much about ReShade-related issues.
Stunning work man. Many thanks for investing your private time in this kind of work. R3E looks definitly better and more real in terms of day coulors. Many thanks for sharing your great result.
Big thanks, looks so much better now !
It looks excellent but when I load this I have no mouse pointer and makes it impossible to get things going. This happened in AC too, running everything at 4k not sure if this makes a difference, any ideas mate? Colours look great too btw
I'm sorry, but I have no idea. Never had that problem and even a quick search around the internet doesn't show much. Have you tried running at lower resolution to see if perhaps that is the problem? Checked the GPU VRAM usage? As your problem isn't R3E specific, perhaps you'd be better off asking in Reshade forum or on Reddit.
Thank you.
Looks way better now.
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