Custom evoHUD layout 0.5

Customized evoHUD layout with some additional tweaks and features.

  1. Martin Fiala
    A customized layout for evoHUD, featuring changes both related to scale and position of the elements, as well as some of the functionality. It was originally part of the evoHUD thread, but I've decided to post it separately as I think it's better to keep the original thread only for the actual evoHUD discussion and support.

    The layout was originally made for 1920x1080 resolution with all virtual mirrors enabled. It is now available also for 1920x1200 and It can obviously be customized for any other resolution and/or screen layout, but it has to be done manually by editing the layout files.

    Please note that the majority of the credit for this obviously goes to @kenken for creating the evoHUD and most of the widgets in the first place, and to @DaVeX↯ for some of the design of the original HUD! So if you like this layout, make sure to thank them, not me!


    Obviously you need a functional evoHUD installation:

    Then the two files (.txt and .ttf) in the root folder of this ZIP file to the root folder of the game (where your AMS.exe is). After that, go into the subfolder for the resolution of your choice, pick the appropriate evoHUD.nut file you'll find there, and put it into the root folder of the game as well, overwriting the original evoHUD.nut file in the process.

    What it offers:

    Most of the HUD elements were repositioned, rescaled and/or had colors tweaked:


    The colors of the track map, pedal bars and shift lights were tweaked for (what I consider) better readability. The gear indicator turns red as you get close to the redline, making shifting easier. The delta bar is using dark and bigger font for better readability against the sky.

    I've added two new widgets to the layout.

    First is the "race info" widget, offering relevant information about your race progress based on the type of the race:


    The second widget I've added is basically an alternative version of the "leaderboards" widget that comes with the default evoHUD layout. What it does is it adds a sort of relative timing widget, listing the player's car, as well as the four cars ahead and behind (by standings, not by distance). The cars in front are shown in green, the cars behind in red. It is not a true relative timing widget, but it's the best I've been able to make so far - the number beside the driver name shows you the gap to the car in front. Note that the number only updates fairly infrequently, mostly at sector timing gates. Again, this is the best I've been able to do so far.

    You can see the widget in action in the screenshots above.

    The original "paged" full leaderboard is still present - you can switch between the two modes by pressing the "L" key on the keyboard:


    Note that even this version retains the color coding of the cars ahead and behind - I think it improves readability of the widget as you can easily see where you stand. The number beside the driver name in this layout shows how far behind the leader that car is (which is how it works in standard evoHUD layout).

    if you want to make this version of the widget default like it is in the standard layout, it is a very easy change (but again, you have to edit the file).

    Unchanged from the standard evoHUD layout is also the general standings widget that only shows up when you're sitting in the pits (either during a stop or before going out to track):


    Another tweak I've added is a "minimal" HUD option - by pressing "H", you can toggle between my default layout and a minimal layout that only includes the dashboard widget, delta bar and the race info widget:


    Keyboard shortcuts:

    And finally, as suggested above, some of the widgets can now be toggled on or off by pressing the following keys (can be changed by editing the file, and as soon as evoHUD 1.5.0 is released, it will even be possible to map controller/wheel buttons to these):

    L - leaderboard widget mode toggle (see above)
    H - HUD mode default/minimal
    M - map widget on/off
    T - tyre info widget on/off
    B - brake info widget on/off
    F - fuel info widget on/off

Recent Reviews

  1. FullmetalJake
    Version: 0.5
    Great and very clean looking hud
  2. Sam Smith
    Sam Smith
    Version: 0.4
    Great clean hud option. Recommend highly.
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