VRC TA2 Mare - #24 Brad McAllister

VRC TA2 Mare - #24 Brad McAllister 2023-11-07

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Be aware - This livery is not 100% accurate. I've made this based off 2 images that I could find. I know the numbers are not the same and a few other things. Enjoy it!

This is car #24 driven by Brad McAllister in the 2023 TA2 season in America.

With the 2023 TA2 series in America closing at COTA I want to congratulate all the drivers and teams. (No spoilers here). Make sure you watch at least COTA, what a great race! This is the last skin for this series.

Also, a thank you to Mahad for the Ford emblem on grille and tire textures.

All my liveries are free and will never hide behind a paywall!

Although the skin was made for the CSP version it will work with non CSP version. Manual install STRONGLY recommended. Will probably not work if you drag it into CM.

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5 stars go for all your TA2 cars, thanks a lot!
Thank you. For your work as well!
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