VRC Formula NA 2018 McLaren Racing (#13 & #24) 1.5b

Mclaren skin for 2018 VRC Indycar

  1. Final Road Variant Fixes

    This should be the final update before I release the oval variants
    - AO Update
    - Added Carbon to the floor
    - Minor Fixes
    - Added VRC NA 2018 - New Tire Textures 1.0 by Johnr777
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  2. Major Texture Repairs and 2nd Skin

    - Added 2nd skin (#24)
    - Repaired pixelation around cockpit
    - Repaired bad logos __custom_showroom_1536713583.jpg __custom_showroom_1536713734.jpg __custom_showroom_1536713742.jpg __custom_showroom_1536713752.jpg
  3. AO Update

    1.1 Changes:
    - Fixed AO
    - Updated preview
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