VRC Formula NA 1999 Cart Indycar Mix-SkinPack

VRC Formula NA 1999 Cart Indycar Mix-SkinPack 0.8

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VRC Formula NA 1999 mod here
Skin Mix different years real and fictional (just for fun!!)
more skins are added from time to time....have fun!!

VRC Formula NA 1999 SkinPack here

PENSKE Racing by Ricardo Gomes here
Marlboro Penske PC27b by TheSourceOfTheNile here
MCI/Arciero-Wells Racing by arixant here
Tire Textures by Johnr777 here
Della Penna Motorsports CART '99 by Jebus here
Bettenhausen Racing by Jebus here
Walker Racing by Jebus here
PacWest Racing by Jebus here
Payton/Coyne Racing by Jebus here
Team Gordon by Jebus here
Hogan Racing by Jebus here
All American Racing by Jebus here

Payton/Coyne Racing by Jebus here

2002 Vitor Meira #2 IRL by Sirknight224 here
2002 Penske Racing by Sirknight224 here
2002 Panther Racing by Sirknight224 here
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Latest updates

  1. mix pack

  2. + Walker Racing car5 Gil de Ferran

    in version 0.7 + Walker Racing car5 Gil de Ferran
  3. Forsythe DriveMthru update

    Forsythe DriveMthru helmet update Tony Kanaan wider M-logo and now yellow winglet in front of...
  4. + Forsythe 44 Tony Kanaan


Latest reviews

Nice work!
Awesome work...Thank you for the update ...You doing 2019 season skins ?
when I see that here liveries are rated super even though they are not good,
and I'm rated for a small mistake, then very bad
I do not want to do more skins anymore.
It is not often but it does not make fun anymore....SORRY!!
Thank you so much!!! Awesome work!!!
Great work. We're getting so close to having the full 1999 Cart field. Any chance you could make the standard Miller Lite scheme?
Yes, I will still make the standard miller
Great work as usual, thanks a lot for taking time and your share ! ;-)
Fantastic work ...Thanks for the update
AWESOME! And now please the 1998, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 seasons. Thank you. Just joking.
"Tony Kanaan 1999 is the next one"
Awsome! Can't wait.