CART-1998 Liveries F-USA Gen2 + Oval-Versions

CART-1998 Liveries F-USA Gen2 + Oval-Versions 0.9.9

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Thanks to all for your Reviews !!!

Cart 1998 + Oval-versions as of AMS2 version 1.4
Please use Jusk´s Custom AI this is better adapted for the latest version of AMS2!!

Since only one template is used for the liveries it is a compromise between the different car track versions!!!
Especially at the Superspeedway version the inside of the rear wing at the Cars would have to be fixed.

Installation simply move the two folders (UserData and Vehicles) into your AMS2 folder! Example: Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\
Overwrites the files!!

Driver AI by Jusk : HERE

Team Rahal (Bryan Herta) Skin made by SaxOhare many thanks for this!

Davis-Racing (Arnd Meier) made by AlexBfromG many thanks for this!

CART 1998 PreviewSkins1.jpg

CART 1998 PreviewSkins2.jpg

HERE the Tasman Logos that I put together for the Tony Kanaan Tasman Skin
and other logos you can find HERE

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  1. Cart 1998 + Oval-versions as of AMS2 version 1.4

    Cart 1998 + Oval-versions as of AMS2 version 1.4 Please use Jusk´s Custom AI this is better...
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    for the news AMS2 update 07.03.2022 + new Rim-Colors

Latest reviews

Awesome work!
fantastic work thank you
wow...amazing skins.Great job, Thanks.
Hello, I am new here. Wanted to join to download these great Liveries mods. Glad I did. Great work. Thank you very much. AA+
Great stuff dude
THX :-)
Thank you so much for the CART Champcars!
I love these skins so much, and all the work you've put into them. Are you making a similar pack for the 1995 cars? I can't wait to see those skins pop up on Race Department!
Super Skinpack! Danke Chrisi
We went to all the CART races in Vancouver....good times. Now I can have a crack at these beasts myself. Skins are perfect. Thanks.
Thank you for the update!!
Bert Austen
Hammer , thanks for the great set of usa cars .....danke
Ausgezeichnet! DANKE
Brilliant as usual. Any plans for Gen 3 cars?
Excellent, thanks!
Looks great
This is excellent. I was a huuuuge CART Fan back in the Mid to late 90s and to this day I consider Mauricio Gugelmin's PacWest the most beautiful Race Car ever created. As a kid I obsessed over this look.

And Jimmy Vasser was my favorite Driver (why I don't recall ;) ) - So glad to have his skin aswell. 1998 was just the height of my fandom and I'm glad to be able to recreate a bit of my childhood's favorite racing.
Unbelievable. The default skins were much better than standard AMS2 fare, but this just completes the picture.
Thank you!
This pack is truly mega. Your attention to detail is amazing!
Muchas gracias!
that LCI Kanaan car is now beautiful beyond recognition @@
can't believe I started it :D
thank you