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Vodafone McLaren Honda (Fantasy) 1.1

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UPDATE: Added a silver version as not everyone loved the white :)

Hi All,

This is my fantasy McLaren Honda skin.

You cannot edit the side of the sidepods of the McLaren so I have instead incorporated the Vodafone branding on the top of the sidepods instead. I think the result looks pretty good!. I have also added Vodafone branding to the ring wing and nose.

Hope you like it, if there is interest in doing a whole team mod (pitcrew, logo etc) let me know below and ill look into the rest.

Just drop the files into

Back up your files first!


Latest updates

  1. Vodafone McLaren Honda (Fantasy)

    Added silver paint scheme.

Latest reviews

Can you make this a full team please
Upvote 0
Love this mod. Can you put some logos in the front of the nose? The only one thing I dont like on the McLaren (also original) is the empty nose when you drive with the TV cam
Upvote 0
i love it especially white version remind me the old senna's mclaren honda *____*
Upvote 0
I simply can't thank you enough.... This is A real McLaren!! Thank you.
Upvote 0
Very original i like it a lot :D , by any chance can you do a early 2015 Mclaren Honda Skin?
Upvote 0
Great work!
And you can actually edit the sidepods with the paint file rather than the decal. It's a bit weird but you could try something with it.
Upvote 0
Beautiful Skin!
Upvote 0
Ótimo excelente parabéns pelo trabalho
Upvote 0
Upvote 0
Very good!
More red and white color plz
Upvote 0
Asked for this, some said it was impossible. This is truely amazing, thank you man! Like CaravieR said, the whole team mod would be simply amazing.
Upvote 0
Wow, this looks amazing! Love the digitized pattern on the red! Did you do that to cover up any remnants of the red swoop from the original design?
Thanks! Yeah remnants of the default design were still shining through under certain light conditions so I decided to cover the whole thing up. You can still see it in some places but its not that noticeable. Really pleased with the result!
Upvote 0
Excitedly anticipating the whole team mod
Upvote 0
Great job mate, smart choice to put the reclame on the top! No conflict of mirroring in this case ;-)
Upvote 0
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5.00 star(s) 14 ratings

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