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Vitus Park 2009 2014-08-29

Fantasy track complex, four complete circuits

  1. Dennis Phelan
    Credits :

    Design, walls, ripple, terrain, cameras, rFactor and GTLegends lod screens : Fredhot
    Conversion, AIW, additionnal 3D, textures, and much more ;-) : Thierrydu81

    LOD by BlackHawk & FrankyBB

    Rain reflexion, flagmarshall, lights : NeelJani.

    Racing.fr, for help from posters :

    Thank’s to all the simracers who love Vitus GP v1.0
    Brendon Pywell for Bob’s Track Builder (track realised with BTB, cameras with BTB
    SimGarage for 3Dsimed.
    ISI for rFactor and ISI tools.
    Simbin for GTR2, GTLegends, Race 07 series
    GEditor, Photoshop, 3Dsmax.

    LOD, conversion forbiden without autorisation from Fredhot or Thierrydu81. Please contact us
    on NTFrance.org ou Racing.fr.

    Thank’s to Brendon Pywell to create Bob’s Track Builder, an easy track creation tool. Without
    BTB, no Vitus track.

    I wished to design a difficult track, not really easy to drive fast, with less rest in a lap.
    There’s all what I like to have on a virtual track, curves with different radius, difficult
    braking, relief, unvisible difficulties, etc.
    The important width of the track make possible to overtake and the ability to drive at two
    cars abreast, in many places.

    Blah blah about Vitus Parc 2009 v2.0
    Max 30 cars.
    What’s new on the v2.0 ? 4 layouts :
    (Google traduction) :
    - Club (2.9 km, 1.8 mi): short and twisty track, low relief, including a difficult chain and 2
    technical quibbles, no high speed. Suitable for tourism, small OW and GT. 28 cameras on 2
    - National (4.2 km, 2.6 mi): shorterm layout, less technical and difficult as the Grand-Prix.
    Regardless of terrain, the layout has still some difficulties, several curve radii of
    curvature, rapid succession. 2 straight lines for high speed. Suitable for GT cars, fast OW,
    etc.. 67 cameras on 2 groups.
    - Grand Prix (6.6 km, 4.2 mi) this layout is already present in Vitus GP v1.0, designed for
    high-performance cars, prototypes, fast OW, GT. Demanding course, difficult, technical, with
    much relief, blind curves, braking with change of support, this version requires maximum
    concentration and leaves little respite to the pilot. 90 cameras on 4 groups.
    - International (8.9 km, 5.5 mi) This layout is the result of the others, traveling all
    created loops. This gives a technical and difficult track, very twisty, with difficult
    braking, many hairpin bends. It is designed for endurance, but as currently it has no long
    straight, too little speed and too many pins to be reasonably used in endurance. Nevertheless,
    it is worth seeing, for its diversity and its difficulty.
    This route will be reviewed in order to become more exploitable, endurance, with new
    connections between different loops that will remove the majority of pins and create parts
    faster. 135 cameras on 3 groups.

    Known issues :
    - 1 ripple on "International" track (junction of the Grand Prix track with the loop Club,
    between the 2 bridges) fleet to 10cm of soil. This defect will be corrected, but meanwhile it
    is necessary to avoid rolling over on pain of unpredictable cars performance. The AIW goes off
    the ripple.
    - 3D is always original BTB 0.4, an older version not as advanced as the most recent, and
    therefore has many defects, such as walls without end.
    - Some ripples are poorly designed, with vertical borders on the edge of the runway, resulting
    in unpredictable behavior of the AI cars.
    - The AIW is not perfect, but too much work to make perfect, sorry.

    You find a bug ? please contact us :

    Mars 2010
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