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[Virtua_LM] Le Mans 1991-1996 1.0

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Changelog for v1.00
- fuel consumption recalculated, didn't notice any mods being impacted by this but better safe than sorry.
- increased LOD bias for some textures which increases resolution at a distance, lessening unintentional "haze" effects, if that's what you guys meant

- a lot more objects will now reflect on the cars, most noticably on cars with high reflection settings and dark paint schemes. This does cost a fair amount of performance so make sure to test the track with your favourite mod and desired number of cars again. There are three settings for reflections now, No (meaning a static cube map), Low and High
- trackside cameras have optimized shadow ranges to lessen the issue of car shadows disappearing too soon
- sunblock meshes have been added, one to fix sunlight showing through gaps, one to avoid having objects lighted once the sun moves below the horizon
- reworked a handful textures, increasing texture size minimally where helpful. Also optimized the mip map bias to sharpen textures which are already large enough.
- guardrails have had extensive work done on them. Gaps have been protected by rebuilding the guardrails. Variety maps have been added in two distinct varieties.
- made shadows beneath tirewalls transparent instead of opaque black
- fixed intermittent specularity issue on helicopters
- worked on specularity, especially of the road and the guardrail. For some reason they had practically no specularity in v0.90.
- re-assigned pit spots, now including 23 pit spots instead of the previous 18. Maximum number of cars is still 46.
- eliminated any flashing in the specular effects I could find