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Vauxhall Cavalier BTCC 1993 0.9.3

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Fixed AI not starting
Fixed LCD now show's real RPM in cockpit View
Fixed AI Gear Changes
Fordie has doing everything in this update so thank him and his friends. Thanks Fordie, may you be blessed with 1000 babies.


Hi Follows

Well here you go. I have done as much as I can with the info that is available. Due to the year, there is just no available data for the 1993 Model, although the 1994/1995 model, which is the same chassis, same dimensions, just RML made it and they changed the engine layout (reversed it). that is all the difference.

So I am sorry to say, some of it has been guess work, but, it does feel really good to drive, it has a little more power now, and more grip. as I would expect for a Touring car. We have looked at laptimes at tracks, that have no changed, and I am as close as I can get without real data.

I am sorry this is not precise data, but after 2wks of research with fellow AC drivers, the info is just not available.

Again sorry this is not spot on, but I have done the best I can.


  • Total gearing ratio re-dun so best is set as default
  • Suspension sorted, so no clipping in the body work when steering full lock, left and right.
  • Camera's (F1) all done (cockpit, bonnet and Bumper Cam)
  • Camera's (F6) all re-done by Fordman, and there is 6 different views (taking reference pictures from real footage)
  • Sounds ( they are good)
  • Black Rim in HQ with Rim Blur, added extra. You will see a folder called Black Rims. Just overwrite the original files.
  • Sorted out the various issues within the skins and Tiff will actually drive his car.
  • Changed limiter to reflect the real car
  • templates are in the car directory, no point having two downloads
  • Ai is now up to date, expect them to be way faster
  • Changed previews so that the car is centered instead of being to the right side of the picture
  • Removed silly skin
  • Got sick.