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Vauxhall Cavalier BTCC 1993 0.9.3

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Vauxhall Cavalier BTCC touring car 1990-1995

Modeling: Malagoli
Physics: Brownninja97 & Fordman & Chaos_Mouse
Sounds: Fordman
Misc: Brownninja97
Bugs: brownninja97
Testing: BBO@BSR; P1lot, Chaos_Mouse
Black Rims: BBO@BSR

Templates are on the official AC forum thread

So here it is, the Vauxhall finally, such a fantastic model but with no physics, luckily I got permission to sort it out and that is what i have done so that I can enjoy and so can you.

The AI doesnt use ultragrip yet, this is because i was having an issue with them so ive reverted it to the older version for you guys

The physics arent finished, they use the V5 tyre model issue because i don't understand how v6 works yet.

If you are going to share this mod, please provide credits IM TALKING TO YOU ACMODHUB

Latest updates

  1. skipping 0.9.1 because i can

    DELETE THE OLD VERSION V0.9.3 Fixed AI not starting Fixed LCD now show's real RPM in cockpit...
  2. vauxhalls and cheese

    Fordie has doing everything in this update so thank him and his friends. Thanks Fordie, may you...
  3. cavalier update

    Total gearing ratio re-dun so best is set as default Suspension sorted, so no clipping in the...

Latest reviews

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nice mod, thanks
Upvote 0
nice mods
Upvote 0
Nice mod, thanks mate!
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Classic Cars are alway nice to have , your work is a must have !!! We need more classics... thumbs up - big thanks
1998 TS020 is the next project and the 1996 Marcos LM600 GT2 afterthat. as you say classics are the must haves.
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Top mod! Thank you!
Upvote 0
Great job, thank you!
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Excelent Work! Next Vectra C please! ;-)
Upvote 0
Thanks - nice car! :)
Upvote -1
Love this. Very nice to drive. Only thing is the brake lights don't seem to work.
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Thx again for your hard work !!!
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"Total gearing ratio re-dun so best is set as default"
FINALLY!!! I never understood why the first gear was so long.
Now it deserves 5 stars, easily.
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awesome mod great stuff
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The best modder from Brazil. Tks Maggo.
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I´m glad to see and drive cars like this.
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excelent car! very well done, deserves 5 star
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very well done all around
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Nice one - thanks! :)
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Very nice car ! Thanks.
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File size
46.7 MB
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 27 ratings

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